Watching the SEC this last weekend

I’m thinking our Razorbacks may not win an SEC game this season

Hogs got a steep development curve - hope to see significant improvement this weekend

Not ready to jump off the ledge but notin* wakes you up like not bein* able to rush the ball and when your very good MLB goes down a true freshman replaces him you know it’s razorthin in talent

Lordy I’ve never watched recruiting so closely this early

The future looks good with coach Morris but Lordy the Razorbacks we saw last Saturday are overmatched by what we saw of the rest of the SEC

Anyway - Go Hogs - let’s see how you adapt and grow this season GHG


Still holding out hope that – when the time comes – we can shock Mizzou and Vandy and get to a bowl.

Shows how far the program has fallen when it would be a shock to beat Vandy and Mizzou, on top of that we cant’s mark down the CSU and NTSU games down as wins. Not Long ago we would have marked those as wins instead of maybe’s.

I’m with you on watching the recruiting closely we need a top twenty recruiting effort for the next couple seasons to say least or our struggles will continue. WPS

I’m afraid you’re right.

If our OL recruiting doesn’t drastically improve we are going to be saying the same thing in years to come.

I said last year we were the “Vandy of the West” and had to make a change given how far the program had fallen. Many on this board didn’t like that and thought I was being too negative and overly pessimistic. Unfortunately, I don’t think I was pessimistic enough … the talent deficit is even deeper than I realized.

This is a massive rebuild effort. Our roster is the least talented in the SEC IMO.

Sports day in KY reported Ark had a top 20 recruiting class so far this year

That is significant because I haven’t heard Arkansas having a top 20 class in recruiting in forever - maybe a decade

So Coach Morris is having an impact for it to be reported in a Kentucky

But let’s see how that rankin* holds up closer th signing day

You were prophetic

I hope I didn’t give you grief of that Jackson - If I did I submit my apology

As others have rightly posted - the idea that Lowly Mizzou and Vandy are better teams at this time is sobering - as neither has the program resources Arkansas has -

Arkansas leadership has failed this state - but they are gone - so I’ll let that dead horse lay

I have total confidence in The new AD and FB Coach

Still I often agonize what could of been if Coach Butch Davis had been hired back in the day - had he been I think we would be look8n* fir a new coach Now bu5 the Razorback Foitball program would be solid

Instead - to quote a former failed Coach and a Combat medic working on me once; “ SMILE”. …Cause this is going* to hurt

I don’t think the talent level of this team is as dismal as some believe. Let’s give them a chance. We might be surprised.

Which SEC rosters do you think are worse top to bottom?

I don’t know. Let’s let them play the games before we rip them to pieces.

I hope you’re right - I’m ok with eating humble pie - or crow

Maybe I’ve just like the dog that’s been abused by the offer of treats by my hedonistic Master only for him to hit me with the newspaper for too long

You can’t change your master (you a dog - Hog Fan) you want the treat they offer - but Hd seems to get joy out of hitting me with a rolled news paper just when I hope for the treat

I hope you’re right

Well, I saw a D line that stood up[ to Auburn and a QB that is learning and carrying the Offence on his back

there is hope and your right there is some talent - just not enough or is it “will”

Please name an SEC team that does not have a better quarterback than us. How about offensive line or receivers. Don’t forget special teams, particularly kickers. Our defense may not be at the bottom of the 14 SEC teams, but it is not in the top ten. We started off the season looking like a bad mid major team. We have improved to look like a bad but getting a little bit better SEC team. I will be hoping for us to get to a “not so bad” SEC team who can beat Tulsa and upset one of the other teams on the balance of our schedule where we should be the underdog in every game but Tulsa for the rest of the season. That means I am hoping we make it to a 3 win season. JMVVHO.

At this point 4- 8 would be fantastic… sad

I think it absolutely is.

Our QBs are not SEC, I’m not even sure they are G5 level. Ty gave us a lot of heart and effort and that’s all I ask for, if he can do that every game I’ll be happy, doesn’t change the fact that he’s just not meant for this level.

Our OL would be bad in CUSA. It’s bad. Just bad.

WRs are very slow and lack explosiveness. The ones with speed have no strength. Over all a very under talented, and you would expect that. We do not have a single 4 star or better at WR. Pettway might be the only one close and I think he was just a high 3 star.

De’Vion warren was a 4 star athlete.

We have abismal talent, because Bret had absolutely no idea what he was doing and Barry wouldn’t help in anymore, or he just didn’t care. I’ll take the first. He was the equivalent of a coddled son who’s parents handed him a business and when he took over on his own he threw it right down the drain. With out Barry alvarez he couldn’t coach/develop/evaluate his way out of a wet paper sack.

If Pettway would have been willing to at least attempt to block someone, could have scored a couple of touchdowns.

To be as big as he is, he really hates contact.

This goes for all of the receivers and tight ends…