Watching the "Pine Tar" game

I recorded it the other day when it appeared on MLB TV. I knew most of the history.

What I didn’t know was what Billy Martin tried to pull in the restart. He had his pitcher throw to each of the bases, claiming that Brett failed to touch the base on his home run trot. The umpires denied each appeal. But it was a completely new set of umpires.

Someone was smart. They had the original umpires sign an affidavit that Brett had indeed touched each base. The plate umpire pulled the document from his shirt pocket and showed it to Billy. Billy also put players in the restart at weird positions, including Guidry in the outfield.

Brett was my childhood hero. Absolutely love the way he played the game, competed every second, and left everything out there.

I loved watching Brett play. Early on, he was considered an average 3B at best. He turned himself into a very good defensive player.

George Brett & Pete Rose types are just a couple of my favs.
Billy Martin was quirky as heck, but quite the drama king with Steinbrenner. Loved that era of baseball though.

George Brett was such a great hitter. I am curious…why did he have so much pine tar on his bat? He had that stuff up to the barrel. He had to know somebody would call his hand on that. He just didn’t know it would be at such a crucial time. He could bat with a hoe handle and hit .300. He didn’t need pine tar to hit.

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