Watching the HOF inductions

I’m behind and watching my recording. (I had to watch le Tour and the Open first.)

Hank Aaron looks so feeble. It’s sad to see. One of my favorite parts is watching the introductions of the returning HOF members. Oh, and I always want to boo when Ricky Henderson shows up. I still think he was a jerk.

WOW, Bernie Williams played the Star Spangled banner as an electric guitar solo. It was awesome.

Mariano Rivera was the final inductee. As much as I despise the Yankees, I couldn’t help but admire him. They had Bernie Williams come out to play Take me out to the ballgame just prior to his introduction. Bernie did a great job and even included a few riffs from Enter Sandman. How cool was that?

That was a fine rendition of the Anthem.

However, though I’m sure there will be many here who will disagree with me, IMO the “gold standard” for that type of Anthem was given 50 years ago (as of next month!) at Woodstock.


To me, it is a tie between Jimi and Whitney Houston for the best ever.

That’s why I said “of that type” - meaning, a rock/electric guitar version. Probably should have said genre instead of type.

Whitney’s version is classic, but a totally different treatment.

Whitney probably had the best voice of any pop star. She was simply the best. That National Anthem performance was as good as it gets. What a shame.

Whitney had the voice and she was easy on the eyes.

To me, the National Anthem should be a sing-a-long, not an individual performance. I attended a U.S. National Team soccer game a few years back and got chills as 40,000 sang the Anthem together. I absolutely hate it when a singer fiddles around with the melody and rhythm. Even the soloists who sing it pretty straight do it too slowly (“It’s a march; not a dirge,” my old band director once said.)

Having said all that, the one exception to my “not a performance” rule is Whitney Houston at the Super Bowl. It was spectacular. Everyone else, just lead the song, please.

I’m with you Loyd. I can’t sing well period. But if I do the anthem quickly, I’m at least willing to try it. And, I do want to sing. I may not be loud, but I will make it through to the end and not miss any words. It’s when I try to really hold a note that it gets ugly quickly. And, I just stop. Whitney Houston’s version is my favorite anthem. I didn’t sing with her because I wanted to admire what she was doing with it. Awesome. We had a full living room of folks and everyone put down their chip and dips and applauded. You just wanted to clap.