Watching the Cowboys tonite

Sure feels like watching the Razorbacks lately. Scott Van Pelt said tonite that it’s crazy to think that an organization, with as many fans as the Cowboys have worldwide, could be largely irrelevant for the last 25 years. Yet, it’s true. The Cowboys are one of the 5 best known franchises in all of sports, but they have been mediocre, at best, for a quarter of a century. I just wonder if aligning ourselves with Jerry Jones is a good or bad thing these days? To me, he looks like the worst GM in football, and it’s getting hard to distinguish the Cowboy stink from the Razorback stink. Just my opinion. Money ain’t everything.

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In business, the bottom line roars loudly.

Garrett has lost this team. You can’t fire the players. Sounds familiar. A good coach can bring theses guys back to being good. A great coach probably won’t work under Jerry even though he has assembled a good roster. Still has checks to write to qb, wr and secondary. Can’t keep everyone.

Zeke is an idiot and, predictably, not playing well. Cowboys overpaid for him, which is not atypical of how Jerry operates. And Dak is simply not that good. They need to move on from him soon. Of course, there are other issues. The defense is badly regressing.

They could just yank it and position themselves for a good spot in the draft.
They have lost some head scratchers.

Just saw an article saying that Jerry was “very interested” in Urban Meyers.

Everything Jerry touches in business turns to gold, everything he touches in football turns to, well, you know…

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The Cowboys have won just 4 playoff games since 1996 and not advanced past the divisional round.
Jerry’s ego and hands on approach from the owners box has been an epic failure from the day he fired Jimmy Johnson. The demise of the Cowboys rests squarely on him.
Yes, I know that they won one more Super bowl with Switzer at the helm with Johnson’s roster and then it went into the abyss.

I’d like to see the yearly A&M game at Jerry’s world be replaced with rotating games with all of the original SWC teams.

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I agree, Dallas’ decline started when Jerry fired Jimmy, but both Jimmy and Jerry have since said Jimmy deserved it. There was a documentary on a few years ago that touched on it. Can’t constantly berate your boss in front of everyone and make him a laughing stock. He might get offended

Dallas has a very talented, deep roster of players…among the best in the NFL. They are 6-7. They will get a new coach…the question is when. They need somebody tough who can motivate. Jason Garrett is a really good guy, but he is so danged laid back. He is clapping and smiling all the while they are losing to teams not as good as his team.

Jerry deserved it and the last 23 years of mediocrity show that Jimmy knew what he was talking about.

Can’t wait for the Jones family to stop holding the franchise hostage one day and quit using it as their own personal playground at the expense of the fans.

I agree with you, I think he wants to prove he’s as good as Jimmy. He won’t. Once he leaves and Stephen hires a GM, Dallas will improve.

As for Jerry deserving it, do that to your boss everyday and see how long you have a job.

I like Jerry Jones. Is there a team owner who loves and lives and dies with his team more than Jerry? I don’t think so. The Cowboys are a great franchise, the most prestigious franchise in the NFL. Jerry’s teams have won 3 Super Bowls. Let’s not forget that. His teams won those early in his ownership career, but they did win them.

As a die hard 49er fan in Ca I hope he keeps it up for many years. It makes great watching and reading for sure, my new son in law is a huge cowboy fan growing up in the area so that’s fun also. All I got to say is give Dak that 30 or 40 mil he wants haha reminds me of Kap when he was the 49er QB ( play wise, not the other crap ) good year or 2 not very accurate passer, bad decision maker etc

Of course being a diehard Philadelphia Eagles fan, I root for the Boys to lose every game big. But I am beginning to feel sorry for Dallas. They prove Stephen A Smith right every season, accident waiting to happen. If anything can go wrong it will.

We Philadelphia fans think that the best thing Jerry did for us is to take the reins from Romo and hand it over to Dak. We were afraid of Romo. Dak doesn’t scare us.

Funny thing is, Philly looks like they want to make the playoffs less than Dallas

Yep. Dallas will make the playoffs. Ever since we lost DeSean Jackson, there is no one who can stretch the field and took away Carson’s main weapon. All we got left is a bunch of slow possession receivers.

NFC East is NFC Least again.

Cows look dead to me, I’ll go w Philly.

Cheer up DD, they make the Conference Championship Game every twenty years or so. :sunglasses:

As I put on Twitter last night…

Hi. My name is Dudley and my football team sucks.

I was referring to the Dallas Cowboys, of course, but some thought that I was referring to Arkansas.

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I knew what you meant when I saw that, but either/both are true. The Hogs will have a new coach in a few days though. Jerruh isn’t going anywhere, and that’s the Plowboys’ biggest problem.