Watching Tenn-Kent game

I think this could be a good one.

In Rocky Top, no way.

I’m with you Richard. Living among this orange stuff for 25 years keeps me from rooting for them anywhere anytime. KY is well coached.

I love their old school approach.

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I normally don’t get too excited about black unis. I have to say though, that the Vols Halloween unis are pretty sweet!

Tennessee does a great job of running combo routes that make the secondary have to make split second decisions and when you’re not right they have the speed and the quarterback to burn you


So maybe it’s better that TN goes to GA all fired up and gets beat. Like it happened to us in 98. I was there. I guess I’m a bitter old man. Suzi says I’m a crazy old man.


Can’t stand UT, but dang it……. they are damn good. Pains me to say it!

I think they win in Athens.

Tenner has the better QB, might have agin Bama also. Winning at high levels is always predicated on how good your QB is. I don’t like any member of the Stoops clan as a coach. Only thing that Mark has done that I like (love) is piss off Calipari. I turned down a 3 day trip to Knoxville in '98 and to be at the game on the TN sideline, no regrets on my part. I hate all orange sports except women’s basketball because Pat Head and her mother were rare jewels. TN will be #1 on plenty of poll votes this week. I am exposed to both elements constantly, and plenty of bama and aubbie in Nashville also. Blue mist or orange death, what a choice.

I hope they lose on a stumble! That would be a beautiful thing to see.


Yes sir! A stumble. The TN fans were congratulating us and gave me a cigar. Sigh…

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