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And I guess you call it their baseball special, they think we have the toughest regional as a top 8 seed.

I would agree… we will win this regional if we play like we are capable. The teams we have coming in though have enough to experience that they will not be intimidated.

I disagree. Stanford got a really tough regional. Their 4 is much better than ORU, Baylor is a salty 2, and Fullerton only has four NCs and got hot down the stretch.

Just eye-balling the regionals for the national seeds, I would rank the difficulty in this order:

  1. Ole Miss (Tennessee Tech, Missouri State, St. Louis)

  2. Oregon State (LSU, San Diego State, Northwestern State)

  3. Stanford (Baylor, Cal State Fullerton, Wright State)

  4. Florida State (Mississippi State, Oklahoma, Samford)

  5. Arkansas (Southern Miss, Dallas Baptist, Oral Roberts)

  6. North Carolina (Purdue, Houston, North Carolina A&T)

  7. Georgia (Duke, Troy, Campbell)

  8. Florida (Jacksonville, Florida Atlantic, Columbia)

I agree. I might move FSU’s region ahead of Stanford, but I think Arkansas’ region is about what it should be for a 5 seed. Florida, as the No. 1 seed, deservingly should get the easiest region, but even the Gators lost to Jacksonville earlier in the season. At this point, every host should have to play well to win. Nobody deserves a cakewalk.

I have a different mindset. No matter who comes to Baum the hogs should win. To win it all you will have to beat really good teams. Put a group in front of your team and play ball. The super regional is the same way! Omaha won’t be easy either.

I agree with Army. If we were a team that just wanted to win a couple of games or maybe even just get to the super, I suppose we could complain about how tough our regional is. (I don’t think it’s usually tough, just that we might be more justified in complaining.) However, our goal is to win in Omaha. True, we need to get there to win there, but at this point in the season everyone is a tough draw. We’ll have to beat better teams than Dallas Baptist & USM if we expect to get to Omaha or do better than 0-2 there.

DB & USM are difficult but we’ve faced better. ORU is a fairly good 4 seed, but not one we shouldn’t beat.

The key is to win those first two games. Do that & we should advance. Split them & it becomes difficult no matter who the other team is.