Watching "SEC Final this morning

It’s a 60 minute show. After our recap of the game I went back and put a stopwatch on it and our coverage was exactly 52 seconds,…Wow, so much for respect…

I watched most of gameday yesterday but not super intently. I’m not sure we were brought up at all. I chalked it up to it being GS week. Next week I’m sure there will be more chatter.

Consider our opposition. Last week the bulk of the show was devoted to our win over the tea-sippers.


Not much to talk about that game.

I suspect next week’s game will be of more interest to more viewers.

To be honest, I didn’t need to see much of our game. I was more interested in seeing what actually happened in the Alabama and Auburn games. They gave me that.

The “lack of respect” mantra among our fan base sometimes gets a little old. Respect for what? They’ve ranked us #20. That’s respect. We just beat GSU. That’s not really deserving of any respect. People watching the SEC network are not wondering how the Razorbacks are playing or played against GSU. Sorry, but we are a college football afterthought — slight exception for beating Texas — until we’re not. Gotta do a whole lot more.


Looked to me like we got about the same amount of time as aTm’s cake walk over NM. Neither was particularly interesting.

I’m with Clay on this. Usually I’m watching and waiting for Warmachine to post the highlights on Youtube, and checking the SEC and ESPN channels for replays during the week. But I don’t have a lot of interest in rewatching this game. It just seemed very mundane and even boring at times. Seemed like a very vanilla offense as well (which makes sense with our match up next week). It was a surprise to see score and stats at the end, we did all that but hardly noticed during the game.

That happens sometimes with these rent-a-win teams. Though it’s better than the last few years of getting thumped by the rent-a-wins.

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