Watching replay of Starkel interception, that was a really bad decision

It was a zone blitz. The middle linebacker AND a defensive lineman were both following his eyes and if the middle linebacker had not caught it, the defensive lineman would have had a good chance for an interception, and the receiver was well covered so his man had a shot too. How did Starkel not see all three defenders? He just seemed determined to throw it to that one receiver and never saw three defenders all in good position to intercept. He took “forcing a throw” to a whole new level.

The receiver threw up his hands like he was wide open. I assume that played a part in the decision, right or wrong. He admitted he didn’t see the LB, so I’m sure he thought it was wide open, not necessarily trying to force it into a tight window.

He had him open early but held the ball a little too long and then threw it to flat he had to get more arc on that ball.

I worry this will be a problem that will hound Hicks in the next few games. He apparently does not have the confidence to lead his receivers and throw to an area, rather he seems to wait for them to break open (if they can).

The pass was there if it was thrown higher. It was thrown too low. It had to be dropped over the linebacker where only the receiver got it. But it needed to be much quicker. Obviously, the best decision would have been to take the ball some place else.

Exactly Clay just had to put a little air under itand it’s a easy TD

I looked at it again and Burks HAD come open deep between the safety and corner, but there were two defenders between him and Starkel. Starkel might have thrown it by the defensive end trying to run with Burks if it hadn’t slammed into the middle linebackers chest.

I think the fact that Starkel did not return to the game in the second half, a half where the offense looked completely lost, shows that the coaches completely agreed with the OP.

Sad this situation occurred, as Starkel looked good, otherwise.

How did Hicks get into this discussion? We’re talking about the INT Starkel threw.

I guess I didn’t want to bad mouth Starkle. :blush:

(drugs, I guess)

I had the impression that he had been told to throw it to that receiver and by golly he was going to throw it to him come hell or high water. He looked him all the way. The middle backer backed up in coverage.

Morris did put him back in for another series.

It looked that way. I don’t think there was any way he was going to complete the pass either. This is what was around the intended receiver when the pass was intercepted. Had the ball been lofted to get over the top of those linebackers, the defensive backs would have had time to close. It would have been a low-percentage chance at a reception.


Starkel threw a great pass to Knox on the next drive, which is the one that ended with the poor clock management. I thought the biggest mistake was to spike the ball on first down. It wasted five seconds and a down when there was plenty of time to signal in another play because of the long gain. The three plays after the Knox reception looked chaotic when there were 31 seconds remaining.

#55 the defensive end thought he was going to catch and take it to the house. Notice that Burks is stopping to try to come back for the pass. It was thrown behind him. Now, if Starkel had thrown it deep, Burks could have kept on running away from the safety and corner and might have had a TD. Not a good pass in several ways. I bet he learns from it and does better next time.

Yeah like, don’t throw into quadruple coverage.