Watching our offense decimate the defense.............

…that stifled A&M, BEFORE, their QB got injured makes me very encouraged for next year. Other than Brian Wallace continuing to chase his unblocked man over and over to our QB, this offense looks very strong for the future. Cantrell, O’Grady, and Gunther catching passes for big gains shows hope for the tight end position after Sprinkle. The top JC tight end coming in has to also help. The prospect of the light coming on for Gragg makes this position look very strong. If we can get Ragnow to return, the offensive line will be needing two tackles to emerge (maybe Jackson, Wallace, etc. will take a step up in the off season) to be outstanding. Cornelius will need some help but I think Hammond could be a great runner & slot receiver, Jones will supply the speed, and Pettway will be the possession receiver and downfield blocker. If we keep Enos for another year (that may be very hard) this offense could be one of the best in the SEC.

I am to the point that I am agreeing there needs to be a total rebuild in the defense. I don’t think Robb Smith got stupid all of a sudden after a brilliant transformation of the defense led by Spaight, Philon, & Flowers. The offensive coordinators schemed to expose our lack of talent and he could only cover up for that so far for so long. After watching the first two long runs by MissState’s QB for TD’s where our unblocked safety took a bad angle the first time never touching the QB and failed miserably to grab an ankle and hang on the second time, I don’t blame coaching for the problem. Recruiting is the problem. Our corners moved up to somewhere between decent and mediocre this year but our safeties have been badly beaten and fooled over and over. We have tried and tried to compensate for our lack of talent all season by rushing four, playing zone, and giving the secondary all of the help we could. We don’t have the talent in the line to rush the passer with four AND to defend the run. Bama, LSU, Auburn, A&M all do but they don’t have to do that all of the time because they got athletes that can make plays one-on-one in the secondary that allows them to blitz with devastating results when they want to. We don’t. Until that is fixed by recruiting, we will need the best offense in the SEC to outscore people. JMVVVVVHO

I am most worried about the Oline. We have OT’s in Wallace that should become a star if he keeps progressing, and Colton Jackson that will be quite good in the future. Johnny Gibson has been the secret to the improvement in the Oline the last 3 games, and he will continue next year. Froholdt is going to be very good after watching him the last few games as he is gaining experience. He is a physical specimen that can play nasty. Rogers needs to play Center a lot next year even if Ragnow comes back. I don’t think Merrick, Ramirez or Malone will take anyone’s jobs, but they can provide good depth and rotation.

WR scares me too behind the Oline. Cornelius is going to carry too much load. I see a guy that stands out to me as a surprise at WR - Devon McClure. He is like Pettway with the big body and strength to fight through the mugging by Bama, LSU and AU secondaries.

Very good points.