Watching Ole Miss vs Louisville

Louisville is making Ole Miss look like UGA

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Agree. The Cards are giving it away.

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At extended family in louisville

Lots of missing Charlie Strong and Coach Bobby

Pretty dismal

Lots of lawyers in this family all grads of Brandice Law School Loyisville - Talk of getting Sue Coach T Shirts

Only good thing I can see is that Ole Miss will feel too good about themselves, and get over confident.

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4 Ejections for Targeting before halftime…

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Unwatchable. Lullville stinks!

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One of those the OM lineman threw the Louisville player on the OM runner head first. The Louisville guy did nothing.

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It’s Louisville boys vs Ole Miss Men

the gap between the physicality is astounding

Targeting is getting a workout tonight. They really need to look at this. Sometimes the person having the ball will drop their head in anticipation of getting hit and the defensive guy can’t react to that. Intent really needs to be looked at, not just the hit.


Refs are showing no mercy on the targeting rule

Well I think they had the ability to throw two players out for targeting when Ole Miss WB slid to a stop in 1st Qrt - he got hit by two louisville players helmet to head - only one player ejected

I’m turning the game off

Maybe have the defense play without helmets and do as they wish.


Coach Pittman has it right. The penalty for targeting is too severe. Just make it a 15 yard penalty unless it can be shown an intent to do harm. Ejecting from the game and possibly from next game too much. It’s not proportional.


The number of possible targeting calls by the refs on the field and the number of targeting calls by the review office are way out of hand. The review process before officially calling targeting must be 100% for targeting.

I believe they are supposed to review if the recipient of the blow, lowered his head while the tackler had already started his tackle. Several of the targeting calls have shown clearly that the offensive player ducked his head just before impact. Some of those should have been overturned.

Another problem with this is even if the review overturns the targeting because it was actually a legal hit, I believe the team still gets the 15 yard penalty because of the bad call by the on field ref.

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At least have an automatic appeal for the next game suspension, to be reviewed by a panel of disinterested parties. The criteria could certainly be determined and defined as well as what they are doing on the fly now.

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They clearly want the head out of tackling. Coaches are going to have to drill that in. The way I was taught to tackle 45 years ago would get me thrown out now. That’s just the way it is and I don’t think they have any intention of backing off on the targeting rule.

I see no problem with any of the targeting penalties I’ve seen called so far. Gotta get that play with helmets coming in first out of game.

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I say that because I know too many who have dementia and disorders because of head injuries.

My girlfriend’s dad played college football at Cincinnati and was drafted by the Broncos but opted not to sign. He died in 2015 of Alzheimer’s. Was that because he played football? She doesn’t know but it wouldn’t surprise either one of us (I didn’t know her then and obviously never met him).

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