Watching old World Series

Yesterday MLB network played game 7 of the '82 series (Milwaukee at St. Louis).

Today I started watching the '85 World Series. (I have the box set of the series on DVD.) There were a number of milestones that happened in 1985.

  • Pete Rose set the record for all-time base hits.
  • Tom Seaver won his 300th game.
  • Rod Carew recorded his 3000th hit.
  • Phil Niekro won his 300th game.

In 1985 there was no DH in the series as the rules were set up so that there was a DH in even numbered years. They had an old-time first pitch (actually first pitches as both Muriel and Ewing Kaufman threw them). Those pitches were thrown from the stands and not from the field.

Commentators were Al Michaels, Tim McCarver, Jim Palmer, and Reggie Jackson (pregame). This was the year that Vince Coleman got tangled in the tarp during the NLCS.

Yes, it was the year of the infamous call at 1B by Don Denkinger in game 6. Ironically, he was considered one of the best umpires in the AL. He was behind the plate for game 1. There was a good deal of discussion about what a great plate umpire he was. Palmer noted that he stayed with the pitch, meaning that even if a batter jumped back from an inside pitch, Denkinger would still call it a strike when it was in the zone.

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