Watching Ohio State for the second straight game

This time against Meechigan. I’m starting to think that the Big Ten is the hoops equivalent of Big 12-2 football – we don’t need no steenking defense. Both teams are very talented offensively but I’m not seeing much guarding. Michigan hit 10 of 13 treys in the first half; they’ve cooled off in the second half but it’s not because Tattoo U is putting any pressure on their shooters.

I’ve noticed the same thing in Big Ten games, going to be interesting how its going to play out.

I thought it was a great game to watch. 2 good teams, great flow, few fouls called, scoring in the 90s, lots of guys making shots. Made me think of an elite 8 or final 4 game. Great basketball.

Very good halfcourt game. But very little transition offense or defense. If either gets into an uptempo back and forth game they could be in trouble. Not sure they can keep up in with an uptempo pressure all the time team.

Michigan’s 7 foot 260 pound freshman center (who looks like he’s 35) was nearly unstoppable in this game. I’m surprised he doesn’t seem to be on any NBA mock drafts.

It was a great game to watch. Nobody guarding anyone, great flow.

Makes you wonder how a nobody from the UofA came out to the blue to be one of the very best defenders in the league.

i.e., perhaps the Big 10 is the NBA pre-league wannabe.

Michigan is 11th in KenPom in AdjD.

I watched it and thought the same thing – no tough defense from either team

Couldn’t have told it yesterday. Suckeyes guards got to the rim over and over. And OSU defense was even worse.

I kind of disagree with that. There are Big 10 teams like Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan State that are known for defense. Michigan, Ohio State and Illinois score heavily against them.

It is probably the same case as NBA, where offense is so good, it makes defense look bad. Personally, I think that is the case, I enjoy watching those two teams play rather than Iowa and Wisconsin.

Iowa’s defense is not very good. They win with offense, outscoring people with Garza and their shooters. KenPom has them as the #1 adjusted offense and #74 defense (Ohio State is #86). Wisconsin meets your description with the #8 D. Michigan State is #50 D but their offense is so bad this year it doesn’t matter.

Not in the Big 14, but Villanova is another team that is kinda defense optional (#5 O, #82 D).

By comparison, we’re #20 D and #38 O.

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