Watching Norvell

Forget the defense, neither team played much so I just concentrated on his offense. I liked he ran tight end formations, 4 and 5 wideout formations, one back and even had qb under center. Ran and threw the ball well. Wide open typical spread offense. Only thing I didn’t like was when central fla blitzed qb was running for his life. If I were a defensive coordinator I would blitz that offense relentlessly. Wonder what sec defensive coordinators would do and would Norvell have answers.

Yep, what you said! Can’t imagine this O against SEC West defence line. Would be fun to see points on the board, sounds like Eddie Sutton BB scores!!

Only teams to beat Bama in recent years… Clemson, Oklahoma, Auburn, Ole Miss, Utah, TA&M. All run similar offensive schemes. Spread the field!!

and why are we forgetting the defense??