Watching Nevada versus Fresno State highlights on Youtube...................

…Nevada was #6 in the country at that time. There was a lot of talent on that Nevada team. Big men driving for dunks and blocking shots at the rim, big guards hitting threes and driving for layups, very good all court press, and a very good passing team. Impressive.

The keyword is “highlights”.

Which means things his players were capable of doing and, since they won the game, I assume they did those kind of things multiple times. You may be the exception, but I assume most Hog Fans would be really impressed if we were ranked #6, our guards were attacking the basket successfully, our big men were looking really athletic driving to the basket and dunking over a man-to-man defender, and multiple guards were hot from three point land. Except for getting hot, occasionally, from three point land, we did not do much of that this past year. Except for Gafford, our dunks were mostly after turn-overs, not breaking down defenders.

Oh, I was just pointing out that everything looks good in the highlights. Remember I have already declared we made a good hire. So, let’s not debate that.

But you brought up something in your response that some others do too and that is annoying. Why are you defining the whole Anderson by what happened “past year” with eight newcomers to DIvision One ball and then you are watching highlights of a senior laden team and comparing the two? You could have made your point without the compare.

On the flip side, I could say this Nevada team lost in the first round of NCAAT to Florida (the same team we lost to in SECT that upset so many fans including me) and so what’s the big deal. But that would be wrong because I am taking this year’s NCAAT result and applying it to the entire Muss era at Nevada. He had a very good four year record of success there.

Thank you for this. I wish the whole thing would just stop.

On the other hand, we weren’t within smelling distance of 6th in the nation during CMA’s eight years.

That is a valid comment and a fact and you should say that. I don’t see any problem with that.