Watching Muss coach up his team each year is amazing!

They just seem to come together as the season progresses like a fine swiss watch with roles clearly defined, priority on defense, super hard intensity, etc.

This year, I wonder if Graham will be a jewel in this watch in the end. He has shown athleticism and offensive skills enough to be a potential major offensive contributor but he will remain on the bench for most of the game until his defense and rebounding come up to Muss standards. He does not have the length or hops to completely replace Brazille, but, he could be one of the key players to collectively shoulder that load for the team. Mitchell with help from his brother is showing inside skills that we have not had at Arkansas in a very long time. Walsh is settling in to be a solid contributor. If we can stay healthy here out, this is a very good team that no one will want to play in the tourney.


I agree, he is a master coach. . He’s so used to players coming and going in the g-league, losing someone like Brazile isn’t going to affect him as the coach much as a result it doesn’t affect the team much either. People very much reflect their leaders.

No matter how talented you are if you come off the bench and enter the game not ready to play, you are done for the game. . . Happened with Walsh, Has happened with Kamani, happening with Graham right now. The message gets through eventually.

I kinda liken this to people who are slow to get going in the morning vs people who’s feet hit the floor running. If you don’t hit the floor warmed up with your head in the game. . . . so sorry wait till next game and try again. . .



KJ Hog:

Good comments on what makes good coaches. Muss is blessing for our program after all the time we floundered after Nolan’s run. Different styles and times but results same–players knowing their roles and playing hard. Fun to watch good players and coaching mesh during the season.


I have the impression it’s a challenge for some of the portal transfers to fully buy into CEM’s culture coming from a more laidback and less accountable system. CEM appears to be very detailed and pushes everyone to maximize their talent which takes some of players out of their comfort zone resulting in less playing time and disgruntlement.
The players who more quickly buy into CEM and what he’s selling tend to profit the most. The quicker the team as a whole buy into CEM the quicker it gels and excels.
UA…Campus of Champions


That is very true. We saw the same thing wtth football team as it took new comers various amounts of time to understand and grasp what the coaches were wanting. This was really true on the defensive side of ball.

It is going to be interesting to see what happens over the next three games including LSU and Mizzou before going to Auburn followed by Bama at BWA.

Of course, finals are now going on but Muss is going to have a mini window to put a winning rotation together as an alternative in filling the TB void. I am unsure if Pinion and Barry Dunning will be part of a catch-your-wind-relief for Walsh or not but it seems clear the Mitchell twins, Kamani and Graham are going to need to be a battle-tested rotation by the time Bama rolls in on the 11th of January.

Really thought Barry would get more run. Still hope he does.

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I “guess” the speed of the Razorback game results in a higher ration of turnovers for the less experienced or less talented unless they have demonstrated in practice they are not a liability. Joseph’s 3 point offensive threat seems to be crucial in determining minutes. If that is the case it seems likely for Pinion to be used more where offensive needs are paramount and both plus Darrian would otherwise be relegated to game-end minutes.

Obviously of today kids want to play and can become easily frustrated where they “feel” opportunities are denied. I hope this set of triples can wait another year before coming out matching with TB’s return.

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