Watching lady backs in person much better than SECN

it was a We Back Pat game and the Hogs were the better shooters but VU was better dancers. Strange to see in the warmups but that was fun for the kids and fun to watch. I got to sit on row 2 right behind Coach Neighbors and crew. I had Amber Ramirez family right behing me and Destinee Oberg’s family just to my right which made for frequent family exchanges. Neighbors is bonded to his team and they are tight together as a group. We were better everywhere except for rebounding from the get go, and it was funny when Neighbors took out 3 slashers who are smallish but killing Vandy and put in a rebounding crew about 6 minutes into the first half. It was a no doubter when we started hitting 3’s. Vandy has the cheerleaders throw T shirts to the crowd every time they hit a 3, can you imagine how many that would be for either men or women Backs team.

Neighbors came out from half with more than 6 minutes left on the clock, then Tolfree and Ramirez joined him and then the remaing assistants and bigs on the team. We shot for a purpose in warm up and were killing it from the left corner over and over which then translated to the game.

Neighbors called it zero zero mid way thru the third and challenged them to win and play like it was tied the rest of the game. He lost track of time and ran us out of shot clock thinking we could get last shot but he was looking at the game and admitted his mea culpa. No way a sub is not gonna do exactly what coach is saying no matter that the facts are the shot clock is running out. Dude was funny and took some ribbing from his players.

Our kids are quick and speed kills esp when you can shoot. He got to work a lot of kids into the game and gave them a shot to play a lot. Vandy was slow on d and were mostly space occupiers while our kids got out on the run and had fun. Really fun to watch these ladies in an almost intimate setting. Maybe a hundred AR fans in a total crowd counting high schoolers present of less than a thousand.

We had em basically doubled until the junk time ending when Vandy made some put back points that brought it down to 34 points.


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