Watching Kennedy Chandler and DJ Steward

Mokan up early 12-2 with 4:42 left.

Kennedy quick as a hiccup.

Kennedy has a very nice overall game. Go to basket, midrange, dishing and nice defense.

He has about 15 at half. 41-21 Mokan up.

Steward struggling a bit.

Kennedy finished with 17 on the score sheet. Not able to get the online stats for some reason.

He said he talks to everyone on the staff and likes how they’re recruiting him very hard.

He said he will definitely visit. Most likely for a football game.

Former Hog Kareem Reid was Courtside tonight and was very impressed.

DJ said he’s talking to assistant Corey Williams and likes how they working on a relationship. He said there’s a possibility of a visit. He plans to sit down after a Peach Jam and decide on trips.

I’ve gotten to know Kareem a little through him coaching my great niece a couple of years. Love that guy. He and his fiancé are fine folks.