Watching Kelly Bryant videos and he would be a huge upgrade @ QB, but...........................

…there were a lot of fast, athletic, receivers, with great hands, making great catches on a lot of his highlights. Our tight ends would be as good as he had at Clemson, but our wideouts better get a huge boost from our four 4* true freshmen receivers or he will be looking at a big drop in the quality of receivers he is used to.

He will have all spring, summer, & fall to work with our receivers, current ones & some new ones.

I saw speed and athleticism on the KB video receivers that I have not seen in a long time at Arkansas. Hard to create that when absent no matter how much you work with them.

When TS gets an open receiver, he frequently can’t get the ball to him. I don’t have that concern about KB.

Whoever the QB is for 2019 will have several new toys, and some of them are supposedly very fast and also bigger targets.

Well as the old saying goes, great WR’s can help make a great QB.
If you don’t have the super athletic WR’s that’s where the coaches factor in with schemes to maximize the talent on hand. With KB’s run ability when rolling out, puts a lot of pressure on those cover guys to make a decision.

I think people are getting caught up with the lack of size and speed of our current receiving corp. They aren’t getting open because they don’t have a feel for soft spots, not because they are that much less talented. O’Grady might be the only one who has that skill. Look at Drew Morgan. Guy wasn’t incredibly gifted, but he had sure hands and knew where the open spots were. And the QB has to recognize that as well. Just my two cents

A lot of our current group have trouble with tight coverage at the line of scrimmage. Recently we’ve hit a few with guys coming across the field late, but if the defense plays tight at the line most of our receivers can’t beat the coverage early and they can’t block the WR screens. It’s hard to find a soft spot early when the DB stays in your pocket for the first ten yards downfield. One guy to watch the rest of the season might be Morris, who I thought played a little more physically than most of the guys we’ve seen this year against Vandy, and also caught a TD pass in the red zone. Putting him and Woods on the field at the same time may help the problem a bit.

Since most teams play their safeties over the top of those tight coverages, the TEs are the ones who can find the soft spots right now, since either an LB or a distant safety is responsible.

Our WRs are less talented than the corners the go up against, plain and simple. We dont have a single 4 star wr on the team, and it’s blatantly evident.

Mike woods could end up being pretty good, if he can put on a little more muscle.

Drew did know how to find the soft spots, but he wasn’t an all SEC guy either.

We need all SEC receivers, plain and simple. I think we have some coming in, it’s just going to be a year or two before they hit their stride.

I see it both ways. I have seen way too many late throws by all our QBs that are getting batted down or picked and overthrown deep balls when wide open! Kelly is like a sloth when he winds up and releases. Love the kid but the motion is sooooo SLOW before the release and gives DBs plenty of time to break. I also see a lot of staring down the WR’s at times too. I see WR’s not finding open spots other than Woods and Pettway on occasion. I see WRs not coming back to passes and struggling to get off line as well.

KB is definitely an upgrade at QB if he comes. He will make everyone around him better, based on the highlights I’ve seen. He extends plays with his feet and his downfield passing is really good with a good arm strength. He’s legit!
We’ve got upgrades coming for WR and a couple of them will here for spring ball. Just hope we get some good news on OL recruiting soon!