Watching Justin Thomas at the Masters

(And there is a reason I’m posting this on the baseball board)

JT was on the 13th tee, hit a snap hook into the creek down the left side of the fairway, and the mic on the tee clearly picked up several of the same words the Florida pitcher was directing at the ump last night. Don’t think they’re going to eject him, but it’s a good thing this wasn’t on CBS on Sunday.

I laughed out loud watching when Tiger was caught on a hot mic yesterday with some very choice words on a bad shot. Even with the delay it was easily discernable what he said.

It’s a little different when using those choice words at one’s own failing. What the Fla pitcher did was direct those words at others. I wish they’d be a bit more disciplined on a golf course when their words can be picked up on a microphone, but I’m not nearly as bothered by that as I’d be if I were the coach or parent of that Barco kid.

Oh I’ve heard Tiger say GD plenty of times.Why I think they don’t need to have microphones that close to the players. Nobody needs to hear that.

His putting saved Tiger yesterday. His driver was horrible. And ended the first round -1. Today the driver showed up and his putter let him down. He missed a lot of putts today he normally makes.
It a miracle he is playing.

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