Watching Jacolby Criswell

He just came in for Sam Howell for UNC in the 4th quarter with the Tar Heels up 45-14. Apparently he is 2nd team. Led them to a FG to get them up 48-14. Not complaining at all about the frosh QBs we have, but Criswell looks pretty good in his limited time out there.

Tar Heel Times lists Criswell as “OR” second team behind Howell with soph Jace Ruder. Ruder played briefly against Syracuse and completed one pass for 8 yards and ran once for 2 yards. I guess it was Criswell’s turn for mop-up duty.

He should’ve been offered by Arkansas. I said during the recruiting process I would’ve offered along with Chandler. I loved the kid and his ability.


That was recruiting malpractice by our former coach.


That said a lot of the guys he recruited were very worthy and are contributors to this years team.


Yeah if Chad could coach and motivate as well as he recruits he’d still be here.

I want to thank Richard and everyone for their informative and thoughtful responses. I feared I might get some of those “who’s he, who cares, he didn’t sign with us” posts. Along with “he’s overrated and a jerk to boot”, even if that is the opposite of the truth. Yes, I am disappointed if someone doesn’t sign with us, especially if they are from
Arkansas. That is so in this case even though I am also a UNC fan. But it is the kid’s own choice and usually I wish them well wherever they go. Because it’s the right thing to do. Plus badmouthing is counterproductive, some players (Ryan Mallett for example), transfer back here. The only exceptions are kids that not only did not come here but also were jerks in the process. And those are few and far between. And even those are just kids and can grow out of that immaturity.

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Why would any QB come to a team where the HC is bringing in his highly recruited QB son?

In all fairness Jacoby wasn’t really even considered by Chad Morris until very late in the process. There shouldn’t be any animosity toward him for going to a program and coach that actually wanted him from the get go. Plus the favored son of the coach being offered and neither are here now. JC wanted to be a Hog but cant blame him for his decision considering the circumstances and I hope he does well at UNC.

Amen, he recognized talent, but couldn’t get the best out of them it seemed. WPS

His ability to recruit took a big hit after the San Jose State loss. By the end of the Western Ky debacle, I doubt that even his son wanted to play for him.

As I said from day one, Jacolby is a great kid and has the potential to be a great college QB.

I would have went after him harder, but circumstances were what they were.

I just wish him well and don’t look back, just ahead.

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What does “I would have went after him harder” mean?

It means the former coach didn’t really didn’t recruit him hard because his QB son was coming here. If he wan’t an Arkansaa kid he probably wouldn’t have recruited him at all no matter how good he is.

Ok, he meant Chad would have gone after him harder? I thought Dudley was referring to himself, not Chad or anyone else. Guess he misspoke. Makes sense now.

No misspoke at all. The first part was actually “(Had it been me,) I would have gone after him harder” with the first part not being spoken but hopefully understood. Not an uncommon way of speaking on our part, but it does assume that those in the “listening audience” understand (which obviously did not happen by all in this case).

Oh, now I get it. My bad. Thank you.

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Yes, I’m saying I would have made them both feel the love even if one was my son.

He did not. I believe if Coach Pittman had been here longer, JC would have been a Razorback

Howell just got shaken up on a play and Criswell came in to take a snap. If they were before last week’s game, it sure doesn’t look like they are alternating backups anymore. Looks like Criswell is the clear #2 to Howell now.

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