Watching Iowa State & Kansas ------

----- and Pettway has made catch after catch including their first TD. Just like Ty Storey, another player not good enough to play for Morris but excelling playing for other coaches. Iowa State appears to be a very well coached team. I know Campbell is a long shot. He would be a great replacement for Morris.

Pettway just scored again but got called back by penalty. :roll_eyes:

Good for him!

Revisionist history. Pettway was our leading receiver in 2018 among the WRs. He was the best we had, but that wasn’t saying much. Obviously playing much better in Cyclone red than Razorback red.

Yes, he is playing well, but he caught 30 passes last season.

So I can get on the Morris didn’t think he was good enough train.

He clearly wanted to move on, especially with the young ones Arkansas had coming in

To be a good WR, you have to have a QB who can get you the ball. The WR can only control his part–run the route, get separation and catch the ball. We haven’t had consistent QB play for several years now.

I remember before the season started people were saying Storey wasn’t all that because he didn’t win the starting job.

Pettway made the key catch in their Texas game to put Iowa state in field goal position to win. They beat Texas in Austin. Campbell would be the best possible coach for us. The word in sw ark is that pettway had grade issues.

No 4th quarter collapse here!

Good for him, he will probably get an opportunity to play in the NFL with his size.
Unfortunately, he was at Arkansas when things were just not good.

Go Hogs!