Watching games during bye week

How sad for Texas to blow a double-digit lead and fail on its last-ditch drive. Could only have been better if it was in Austin.


Baylor did not play error free, but only one penalty the past two games. Something to envy. Not giving up penalty yards, sure has benefits.

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Baylor hired a good coach (not a dig at Sam). I really liked their defense in the 2nd half. I hope they win their conference.

Watching those two play is like ISIS playing the Taliban. Can’t root for either team.


Completely understand. It also made my day that Michigan State (another good coaching hire) came back and beat Michigan. If Ole Miss will cooperate and get beat today, then it will be a great bye week.


After reading the complaints about Kendal Briles, early observations of the Georgia offense don’t show me play calling wizardry from the number one team in the country.


Agree, shame that both couldn’t lose.

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OU’s new QB has a little wizardry in him. Impressed. Caleb Williams.

Florida did not get the luck of forward progress being stopped on that so called fumble.

Watching Missouri/Vandy I have seen better high school games. I hope to goodness we beat Missouri this year!

Forward progress wasn’t ever stopped. He was still moving forward when Jawja ripped the ball out.

If you’re talking about the play I saw, it looked like the Georgia defenders were actually keeping the running back upright and moving forward just so they could strip the ball before the whistle blew.

Missouri looks like our best and most likely ticket to a bowl game.

What? An Ole Miss DL has a “cramp”?


We may get killed next week if the Hogs can’t match them score for score.

Leach and MSU will provide a track meet next weekend. We won’t stop them and I don’t think they will slow us down much. UK offense is bad.

We may have to score over forty to win against the Bulldogs.

Scored 51 and lost to the other MS team.

This next game will be a war on the gridiron.

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I think you missed my point. It was sarcasm about SEC refs.