Watching Football in Bud Walton

Anybody know the details of watching the Belk bowl in Bud Walton before the Florida basketball game?

If you have a ticket to the basketball game already, just show up early. They’ll open BWA at 4 p.m. If not, they still have some upper deck seats at $15 each. It’ll be on the video board. If the football game is still in progress when the basketball game starts at 8, they will split-screen the video board – half football, half hoops.

During the football game, there will be free popcorn and reduced prices on other concession items. Then the prices go back up for the basketball game.

The number of upper deck seats is dwindling, though. I counted less than 150. It could wind up being a sellout. Now we’ll see how many of those tickets go unused – or people leave before the basketball game starts.

If you come to BW with a ticket for the basketball game and then leave before it starts because the football game is over…you should have to hand in your fan card. :evil:

Will they seriously split screen the video board during the basketball game?? I want confirmation if this actually happens.

“The Belk Bowl kicks off at approximately 4:30 p.m. and will be shown full screen. If the bowl game is still in progress at the tip of the basketball game at 8 p.m., the bowl game will be shown split screen on the video board with no audio.”

I hope Mike Anderson vetoes that. It will be a huge distraction during the basketball game. Fans will be cheering when players least expect.

I believe it is planned so. Just if it actually happens that means the football game goes long probably bc of a close ending with timeouts change of possessions overtime etc and that would be so weird for the crowd environment in a game, dare say sacrilege, at the bud.

But I’m still curious what that would be like. Has anyone ever been to a big college game environment where the crowd in attendance was watching and cheering for a different ballgame on television? That would be a unique experience to say the least, not sure if it’s ever happened. (I reckon it is unlikely to affect the live game in Fayetteville bc they have taken steps to make overlapping games unlikely) still if it happens I would like a report on what it is like in attendance. I am totally bummed I got family under the weather and can’t drive up from TX. Y’all know how adamant I’ve been that this is the biggest game of the year for us.

Hoops starts 3.5 hours after football. If if ends after tipoff, it won’t be long after tipoff. Can you imagine if it’s a tie game, Hogs are driving for winning score and the football video goes away? Place would go nuts and not in a good way. I suspect Mike either signed off on this (because otherwise some people would have skipped hoops to stay home and watch the bowl, the whole point of this exercise) or Jeff Long made the executive decision. My money is that Mike signed off on it. There will be at least 35 minutes of routine basketball tonight, barring multiple overtimes in Charlotte.

My main concern is can they keep the technology together so that we actually see the football game, or will we have a blank screen for long stretches?

wow smdh! they should’ve never brought this bad football mojo into the basketball palace. this is a huge basketball game and exciting night for razorback fans. what a shame.