Watching Florida vs Georgia

Florida will no doubt try to ram the ball down our throats. But their defense is very very good. Georgia can’t do much of anything against them so far. Better have a short passing game otherwise Austin might not make it through the game. I don’t see our offensive line opening many holes against this defense.

Agree, but when has that line opened any holes or protected AA?

To this point in the game in the third quarter- each team has passed for 123 yards.

Florida has 77 yards rushing on 33 attempts

Georgia has 14 yards on 18 rushes

The only thing that gives me any hope, is that Georgia is a really bad team and Florida is not blowing them out.

I think Arkansas may be the best team and offense Florida has faced. The only other team you could make an argument for is Tennessee. The Gators’ defensive stats have been impressive, but you have to look at the opposition. It hasn’t been that good.