Watching D-Mac in the Wild Hog

… just reminds me how good he was. It was his passing that made that direct snap so effective.

The 2007 game at LSU is on the SEC network now and again at midnight.

I loved that… brought back so many memories! We may never have three running backs that great in the same backfield…

Why Houston Nutt did not use the same offense with DMac, Felix Jones and Peyton Hillis that he ran against LSU is a question for the ages. We were unstoppable against the Tigers who were ranked 1 at the time we beat them in Baton Rouge. Why did he not use that offense all year? Has anyone ever asked Houston Nutt why?

He never used Peyton Hillis much until his last game as a coach. Hillis was awesome scoring several touchdowns that day against the Tigers. Coach Nutt and Peyton were not buddies, I don’t think. I remember Peyton being off limits to the press because Hillis made a comment to the media about Nutt’s offense which Houston didn’t like.

Last night as I watched the game near the end, Nutt called a time out which prevented an LSU score. It was a smart move. The play was called back. The camera panned over and Nutt was preening around telling everybody he did that. I guess he knew he was toast after the game and wanted everybody to know he made that call.

I think what might have been had Houston let Gus Malzahn design and coordinate the offensive talent we had. DMac, Hillis, Felix and Marcus Monk. Malzahn is an offensive stud…Houston just blew it. Malzahn was long gone, but he didn’t have to have been. He could have been running and coordinating all that talent.

Watching that game right now on the SEC Network. Great memories of the 3 best RB’s on one team I’ve ever seen.

But the sight of our very own Benedict Arnold (#85 Team Monk) was not good.