Watching Cotton Bowl

Both teams WMU & Wisky have excellent kick off players practically kicking into end zone and beyond every time. We have none. We are lucky to get to 5 or 10 and then the opponent gets good field position. I have no idea what the answer is but it is an area that definitely needs addressed.

WE have been there many times in the past. For the life of me why can’t we find somebody to kick the darn thing in and Out of the end zone?

Just a drop in the bucket that needs to be addressed!!

I’ve always believed that’s what we’ve needed and it drives me nuts sometimes when we don’t. But for the year, the team averaged a 60.3-yard kickoff, which means a kick basically to the 5-yard-line. Opponents averaged 20.6 yards per return, rounding that off to mean they returned it to an average starting point as the 26, as opposed to the 25 for a kick into the end zone. Not much difference. Now, when someone returns it like the TCU player did to set up what, without Dan Skipper, probably would have been the game-winning field goal, that’s when you’re yelling, “Why in the world don’t we have someone who can kick the ball out of the end zone!!!”

I’m not sure why we can’t find some playmakers in the return game. We got nothing. No home run hitters. No one that can make guys miss. None really on offense either, which may answer my question. We need more guys that can juke and house it. Outrun angles. I do think Hammonds has potential. Need more like him. Joe Adams types. Or Dennis Johnson. I hope Bielema now realizes that SEC speed and athleticism is a different animal. You wouldn’t know it by watching the 2016 Razorbacks, though.

You can steal a game by scoring in the kicking game. This needs to be emphasized more. Lord knows we need to be able to steal a game or two.

It is not a priority to this coach. If it were, we would have someone on scholarship who can actually reach the end zone.