watching CCM break down film with QG....

he REALLY discusses the game very much like CBP did.

Very exciting to watch. CBP’s was my favorite coach’s show since Lou. If CCM has an offensive mind like CBP, then we are really in for a treat.

Hopefully he’ll recruit better and consider defense and be a decent human being while he’s at it, lol


Agree with all you said.

Hopefully the coach’s show will be similar to what it was during the BP years. It was really interesting watching BP explain the how and why of the big plays from the day before. He prepared for the show and you learned something if you watched.The format in recent years was just awful.

I agree with the sentiment about the CBP TV show. I learned such a lot from those shows.

The videos with Quinn Grovey have certainly been in that vein.

Is there a link to these videos?

I loved Petrino’s shows.

I posted one in a different thread this afternoon.

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