Watching Baylor @ tea sippers

I feel as though I should be pulling for texass, since there is no way that I want Baylor to be undefeated. But darn, I just can’t do it.

On another note, Moo U is having all sorts of trouble with Samford for homecoming. It’s truly amazing what the loss of Dak Prescott did to them. That said, they just scored a TD to go up 56-41.

Oddly, I found it relatively easy to pull for Texas last night. Of course, it was very specific and circumstantial. I was thinking, while watching the game, how much I’ve enjoyed seeing Baylor blister the Horns the last few seasons.

But with the cesspool that’s been uncovered at Baylor, I wanted them to lose in the worst way. On the other hand, Texas is going nowhere this year. Charlie is probably a dead man walking (whether he should be or not is another thread), so the outcome of the game is probably inconsequential to their fortunes this season, big picture.

Still, I can count the times I’ve wanted Texas to win on one hand (offhand, can’t remember the last time). So, it was odd in that regard.

I found myself thinking this paly was good and the the other team would do something and on and on. I like Charlie, but not texass. I did admire Baylor until I learned what went on there, and now hope they never win again, but then I always enjoy seeing texass lose. Wow.

I thought the whole game was a joke and certainly not good football, but then I thought about the joke of team we now have where the Oline (Oline U you know) has never seen a block they could make and a defense that is slow, cannot or will not tackle, and lets other teams set records. After all of that, I shut up my mind (not hard to do I guess), and just watched.

I understand what you mean!

I haven’t forgiven Baylor for running Steve Little and enjoyed our matchups at the top with Texas. Texas took Bama out to give us our form of undisputed national championship no matter what the voting was limited to being. Baylor recent history makes me retch. When they fall I hope it is to their not so distant resting place at the bottom of whichever is their current conference. Very easy for me to pull for the Horns in this matchup and in a couple of others like vs Zero U.

The hit on Steve Little was one of the most sickening dirty plays I’ve ever seen. I lost all respect for Bayor that night. But I could not root against Texass…just couldn’t make myself do it. :shock:

Freshman Ronnie Lee

I will never EVER pull for Texas. I’d want them to lose if they were playing Russia. I might enjoy a close game, but I’d want Texas to lose. Charlie Strong is probably a good guy, but I crossed him off my list when he became coach at Texas. He’s getting paid a lot of money and should be able to win there. There is no excuse for ever recruiting badly at Texas. I’m told talent is not the issue there now. So he’ll be looking for a job soon. I hope the next guy loses, too. If I was driving by and there was a fire at DKR Memorial Stadium, I’d stop and make sure no one was inside, then I’d pour on some gasoline.

the bush so much about your feelings about texass.

I don’t think anyone is surprised.