Watching Bama and A&M getting good coaches makes me wonder, surprise, what's going on...................

…with our coach search. Imagine that!!!

  1. The “make Beard say no before considering anyone else concept” is kind of bizarre. The man just proved he can have a chance to win a national championship at Texas Tech by making the final four and that will be even more the case in the future since he will have THAT to recruit with now! Who in their right mind thinks he will leave a championship program that he has built in the Big12 to go to a “bottom half at best” program in the SEC with very high fan expectations? If this is theory is actually true, there are some idiots in the PTB at Arkansas.

  2. I kind of believe that Sampson was too old and too tainted by his past to be a serious contender for our job and our AD let that speculation help his old friend get a very nice new contract at Houston.

  3. Are we and the “candidates being considered” all waiting to see who gets the UCLA job before making any deals for our position? What new position might open up if that job is filled by a current coach at another major basketball power? Kentucky? Florida? UConn?

  4. Yurachek has stated he doesn’t like the huge contracts & huge buyouts for coaches in vogue now and some of the BOT have stated they prefer an up and comer now and, maybe, when he proves himself, a big contract later. The huge buyouts works both ways. You can’t discourage a successful coach from dumping you without also being discouraged from dumping him.

  5. So, considering “4” above, are they waiting for the coaches at Wichita State and TCU to finish so they can pick between them and the Nevada coach to get a proven head coach who might like the opportunity to put Arkansas back at the top of NCAA basketball?

I am hoping for “5” but suspect that “3” IS a factor in all this as well. JMVVVVVVHO.

It seems that Arkansas excels at getting other coaches raises and/or consideration from elite colleges.

Alabama once got played by Rich Rodriguez into getting a raise from his employer at the time. Plan B was Nick Saban. That worked out pretty well.

Good point.

I believe Bama initially thought Rich would come cheaper than Nick in the first place until ole Rich got compensated then it was Nick no matter what. But you can call it plan B or plan A-.

If we had hired Nate Oats from Buffalo after firing Mike Anderson this board would have melted down.

lol probably true but if we knew that the former UCLA coach would be the next round in the chamber I’m sure we all would rejoice at the idea of getting Oats

Sure would have.

But unless it is Beard or was Buzz Williams, I think the meltdown will come anyway.

Because…it’s just so much fun to be against something than for it

You make it sound like having high expectations is a bad thing. I guess settling for 3rd level coaches is what we should be happy with. Hope we on this board can keep the "meltdown " under control.

Here’s the story from It took Bama a month after Rodriguez backed out to get Saban out of Miami.

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