Watching Auburn vs LSU baseball

From the Box.

First of all, LSU has put in what appear to be purple fabric seats with headrests behind home plate. Kinda look like purple patio furniture, that kind of mesh-type fabric.

Second, the Corndogs can’t catch it. Multiple errors set up a 6 run fifth inning for the Bagmen, who now lead 6-2. And LSU left their starter in for the whole debacle. Now they’re having a team powwow in the dugout after that meltdown.

I enjoy seeing the Corndogs get roasted in the Box. Even by Allbarn.


Yeah they are absolutely horrible fielding the ball… last in the SEC. They can hit but the pitching and defense a long ways away

Auburn held on to win 6-5. LSU had a runner on second in B9 with only 1 out but Auburn got a K then a flyout on a long foul ball in right field. The Aubie RF hurt his knee or shin when he ran into a bench along the wall where the bullpen is. Another good reason to think Alex Box Stadium is overrated. No stadium ought to have open BP’s in foul territory.

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Who are the Corndogs?

Yeah I totally agree that kid could have broke his leg.

LSU. They play horrible defense and their pitching is suspect.

GOOD one Krazorback. It is used by many for LSU. But one poster on here thinks he walks on the moon. I despise his terms. Put him on you least likely to vote prom Queen…

Can you give me a list of what you call each team? And what do other teams call the Hogs?

“Corndogs” has become a somewhat common nickname for LSU by other SEC fans. Swine Fusion has a name for most other SEC teams that are mostly his. I’ve learned or figured out who’s who. A few include “leg humpers” (Miss St), “fightin’ fallopians” (Texas–due to the look of the logo), “flop necks” among others for Ole Miss. “Future wallets” for Florida. “Jelly cats” for KY & “bagmen” for Auburn.


What do outsiders call Arkansas? Thanks for the info!

I don’t really know, but I’ve seen us called “Arky” on other boards. I’m not sure all teams have a pejorative nickname like “corndogs.” I know Univ Texas students/fans/alums are called “tea sippers.”

I hear and see Arky mostly from others. If that is the worse they can do, must not be too bad.


Miss Steak fans call us U-pig. After these past football and basketball seasons, LSU fans should just call us Sir.


That’s good


Our mascot is the pigs or the Hogs. Of course we love it. Woooo pig soooie! But I guess for an outside fan base it may be difficult to think of a nickname that sounds worse than calling us a bunch of pigs.:slight_smile:

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I think you’re right. I’ve noticed in the past that many ASU fans have referred to us as the “swine.” I know they mean it as an insult, but swine is just another name for hogs or pigs. They’ll also use “pigs.” Never use “hogs.” I guess it’s just what they think sounds disparaging. I doubt any of us consider those words as especially insulting since we use them ourselves. After all, we don’t say “Wooo Hog Sooie.”

I have been offended when they called our women’s team “sows.”

LSU are the corn dogs

Should have put in yellow seats, it would hide the mustard stains better.:wink:

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