Watching Auburn vs. Israel

Which is apparently their U-20 national team. Well… their national team sucks. Auburn is up by 35 at halftime. I guarantee you NLR with Nick and Ware could have given them a better game.

Yep the Israeli U20 will take a shower and then head to the wailing wall.

Auburn won by 61.

And why is the SEC Network showing this? And not us next week? Kind of pisses me off.


I think the opponent and the location has something to do with it. They sent Jay Bilas to call the games, which tipped me off that this decision came from higher than SECN in Charlotte.

After the home team’s early indication of a resulting humiliation, I suspect the ratings went from zilch to zilch. I turn to the '94 Duke Replay on UTube…it was refreshing to once again see how close Nolan was to establishing the Razorbacks as a “Blue Blood.” Anyone of four Razorback Big men outside of Williamson would have made the difference against Duke earlier this year.

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Auburn won’t be tested until Dec 10 (Sat) / TBA in Atlanta, Ga when they play Memphis. Holiday Hoopsgiving

Meanwhile Arkansas will get Louisville in MauiMon on Nov 21, 2022 on ESPN2

They getting beat by Israel today 63-55 with about a minute left and a third quarter


Thanks for the heads up, Billy. I see your guy, KD Johnson, just picked up a foul, lol. Can’t stand that guy.

Bagmen lose by 9.

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:smiling_face_with_tear: :smiling_face_with_tear:

I dozed off of before it was over… I’m glad they lost lol… yeah that dude’s in his own world when he’s out there :blush:

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