Watching Arkansas at Tennessee, 1992

… on Hogs+. Watching the interview of Coach Kines at the half brought back lots of memories. There were so many memorable names in this game, Lunney Jr., Dickerson Jr., Orlando Watters, Todd Wright, E.D. Jackson, Oscar Malone, Kirk Botkin, Henry Ford, Ray Lee Johnson, etc.

What are your memories of the Hog win in Knoxville?

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Do they have the complete games of the old games?

My #1 memory is that one of my best friends at the time was the manager of the local Kroger store. He was originally from Tennessee and was a HUGE UT fan. He had been giving me a hard time all season as the Hogs pretty much sucked and UT was on fire. The week of the game was so bad. He wasn’t even really a jerk about (which made it worse!) he was just so confident, etc.

As soon as the game was over, I got in my car and drove to Kroger. I walked in and he looked at me and said “don’t even start.” I was a great day!


I waited until game was over and then had no hope of getting elevator down. The suites used the same elevator. You could get it at the 5-minute mark but could not go then. Did not want to miss finish.

So I went through a door and was on the switch back exits from the upper deck to the ground. Walked all the way down amidst their fans.

They were in complete agreement: Fire Majors and promote Fulmer. Exactly what happened. There was not one person against it.

I was a bit amazed because they were in the top 10 at the time. But it’s what they would later do.

One of my best memories, it was my Jr year at Arkansas and I drove over with some of my fraternity brothers. We had gone from being kings of the hill our freshman year going to the cotton bowl, to getting pummeled like baby seals by the fair well swc tour and that first year in the SEC.

Long drive back pretty hungover but worth it!

That is the first football game at any level that I can remember watching. I watched it at my grandparents’ farm on an old box TV that was attached to a tall antenna outside.

Lifelong UT hater here having moved to Tennessee when I was nine years old. My heart rate was up to about a gazillion the whole game. My wife walked over to me at the end of the game and took my hand…she knew how much this meant to me to have my favorite team beat my least favorite team. She said, “my gawd, your hands are like ice”. I couldn’t eat until the next day… pure unadulterated joy. Oh, and another name from that game to remember: Darwin Ireland. Probably one of only five or six guys on out roster that would have seen significant playing time for the elite SEC teams that year. Oh, also, I was in the Liberty Bowl the week before watching us get four punts blocked and losing to Memphis. From the depths of despair to the mountaintop in seven short days.

I watched it in my apartment in Beaumont, Texas. Fortunately there was a station in SE Texas carrying the Raycom SEC telecasts, or maybe I was picking up a station out of Lake Charles which is LSU territory. Thought we were toast, then Watters ran back the punt, we recovered the onside and somehow got into field goal range.

Darwin was a graduate of Dollarway which I graduated from in 1969. I moved to TN in 98 and totally understand how you feel about the Vols. Sick of Orange.

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They do have some complete games. I was going to watch the Orange Bowl vs Zero U, but it wanted me to pay. I was logged in, but that video didn’t recognize that. I’ve sent a note to the help email, but it will take a few days before they get to it.

Very good , thanks

Very sad memory of that rendition of the Keystone Cops by our football team against memhis state that day. I was cautioned by a couple of family members to walk quietly as they surrounded me as we left the stadium that day. Our punting was their best play, several times.

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You don’t need Hogs+ to see the 78 Orange Bowl. Here is a YouTube link for the complete game with commercials - they are amazing compared to now. Video is not best quality, but still very watchable.


This might be strange to some but I’ve never watched this game completely. Was born in 76 so I was a youngster. Gonna spend some time watching this whole thing off and on when I can! Also, might need to get me some of those Goodyear Tiempo tires. :grinning:

I was not at the Orange Bowl. I had the flu and could not go. I watched it with two blankets wrapped around my body. Had chills. I got sick three days before the game and just kept getting worse. I watched it alone in Conway, sick as a dog. I believe it was about as bad as I’ve ever felt.

I was there— fantastic experience

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