Watching.....and observation

It just does not look like it’s going to be our day. Seems like nothing is going in the basket, all the breaks are going the other way.

And as has happened so many times with the Hogs, fandom seriously underestimated the opponent. Florida is playing great, and they do not look like the team everybody was saying they were.

I’m a Mike Anderson diehard. I don’t understand why it’s not going better for him. He’s the right man, but in this era, he’s probably running out of time. Next year may be it. Back in the day, when a school had the right coach, they stood by the coach through and through…that’s no longer how it works. The hiring-firing-hiring merry-go-round rarely is the answer, as has been evidenced by what’s happened to this basketball program…and the football program…

In all seriousness he the right man for what?

Anderson’s time has come and gone. Hopefully, we don’t need to wait until next year for a new coach.

I hope he coaches here for a long time, I like him. I will say that being a complete non-factor with a potential lottery pick says a lot.

I will say in his defense that he is in a overwhelmingly corrupt conference. If we are not going to join the fray at level everyone else is, then he will have to figure something out. Not sure it’s possible.

It’s wrestling.

What the SEC is doing in recruiting is one thing. Is Arkansas doing what it can, the best it can? Did not look like it today, or in about half of the games we played.