Watched UAB, AppState, & LaTech secondaries.............

…this past weekend and saw multiple athletes on each team that would start immediately in Arkansas’s secondary. I watched Arkansas Saturday and did not see the busts that plagued us last year, but I saw the same huge cushions that our corners gave up all of last year. I did not see any Tevin Mitchells suddenly playing great in their senior season. Those mid-major teams were playing against some very talented SEC receivers ( we think ours are among the best as a group in the SEC) and their corners pressed well and ran with, not behind, those receivers when they went deep. At least UAB and AppState did. It was not obvious if LaTech could cover ours deep since we never threw a deep pass.

And there are no corner recruits on the team available to step up to help. The only corner we finally got from JC late in the summer is out for the season. This really scares me, both the lack of talent and the lack of depth at this position. Hope I am worrying needlessly.

This has been a concern for many for several years. Why do really good defensive backs now want to come to Arkansas and turn it around for us? Do we even know how to evaluate and find good defensive backs? Why, as stated, do we seem to get out recruited by these “lesser” schools? Something is wrong with the picture…

Don’t like so. Will be a problem as the season progresses and existing DBs get dinged up.

Nope there is nothing but walk-ons after our scholarship CBs.

Our CB recruiting the past 4 years has been miserable.

Expect to see a lot of zone with our safeties playing extremely deep the rest of the year aka big cushions. Need DL to be special with the pass rush to compete.

Isn’t this the case at every position?

Navyhog is right. If we don’t improve our pass rush by the front four, every game will be agony to watch.

Don’t think UAB is fielding a team this year.

Who just beat MissState? My bad! That was South Alabama. I guess all those mid-majors look alike to me. :oops: