Watched the reply and they held

On the first play from scrimmage

Matter of fact they blatantly held on 6 plays of the first series

Texas Holdem


And their LT was offsides repeatedly


One play it looked like they tried taking Hayden Henry’s facemask off and no call. They sure tried to help them at first. I’m worried about the Georgia game and refs trying to make sure the big guys win. I’ll lose any way but not to the refs (auburn game), the no clear fumble recovery game where Arkansas is running to the sideline with the ball. If Georgia beats us and is the better team I’m okay with that but not the refs

Yeah he went early about 3 or 4 times

Watching the replay allows me to focus a lot more for obvious reasons. That defense! All the little things, the penalties here or there, the missed opportunities near the goal (Burks dragging the toe, missed catch in the end zone etc). I don’t ever make predictions and I’m trying not to think we even have a chance, but man, we got a fair shot at this. That’s what I took away from that replay.

Exactly. Will the SEC refs protect #2 Georgia or will they give Arkansas a chance? If we were in the East, I think they may let it play out since we are now Media Darlings. Not sure if we can be given any grace with Bama in the #1 spot in the West. I am preparing for a loss, but like you, I hope the refs call an even game and give us a fighting chance.

We have no chance. All refs hate Arkansas.

Texas Holdem? Love that!

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Can’t have any of those fumbles we got away with against aTm

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