Watched the Liberty Bowl today

Was impressed with the play of the young guys! Harris played very good!


Yes I have to be honest with you when he was real heavy I thought it would be a long time before he ever played here but he has lost a lot of weight and looks absolutely great and is moving fantastically. He was exceptional last night considering he had 0 reps coming into the game . He is going to be an absolute Force with another year in the weight room.


I replayed the game just to see how many times the hogs were held or just plain thrown down and held in front of the ref. All I can say is No Comment. :joy::joy:


The holding by the KU offensive line was unbelievable - the officials ignored it


Not to beat a dead horse, but Zach Williams got held by their LT on just about every pass play… The LT’s usual technique was to wrap his arm around Zach’s neck when Zach went outside, and either latch on the outside of the shoulder pads with both hands or (in a true emergency) just reach out with one hand and grab on inside rushes. I do think they finally called the guy for it one time in the second half, but that might have been when Dominick lined up over there.


Mentioned this in another thread, lot of holding not called. But hey anybody will keep doing it if you’re not called for it.

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I have mentioned my friend who was an AA offensive tackle and played in the NFL for 4 years before getting hurt. He told me that he was taught, especially in the NFL, to hold. He ask his coach, and was told continue until the ref makes you stop. Make them call it, then back off a little.

About the 6th min. of the 1st qtr. KJ is targeted by no. 4-no call. In the Alamo Bowl Tex. player lost the ball just like Landers did and it was call no fumble. The call was ground caused the fumble.

If you keep your hands inside and grab you will get away with it pretty much every time but when you start getting your hands out on the shoulder pads where they’re easily seen it’s called a whole lot more unless you are the pac-12 officials the other night who obviously have never seen holding in there entire life.

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How about a head lock and take down? Is that holding or just mugging?

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That KU tackle did a step over toe hold on our DE that would make Hacksaw Jim Dugan proud…

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That’s a blast from the past!

Yeah that’s very much allowed in the Pac 12 you could tell

:rofl::rofl: very true

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