Watched RB Video &

AJ and Rocket look ripped! Rockets arms look like a lineman’s and he’s built like a SEC LB. AJ is bigger/thicker than I recall last year. I hope they have GREAT years.


Only one person’s opinion, but, to me, Rocket is the most physically impressive guy on the team.

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Backs like Rocket can and will punish a defense trying to tackle him. I hated tackling big backs late in a game. Wears you out!

Rocket is a Superhero

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He looks like those bad a** running backs Georgia always has.

We’ve got a great running back room as good as anybody

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Watching last spring with Harold Horton, he kept talking about the way Rocket ran, his cuts and his pad level. He said he’s best we’ve had in awhile.

I don’t know if he’s as good as those three great ones: McFadden, Jones and Hillis. But he might be.

And they all played together!

i watched the video, captured a stil shot and sent it to family in Atlanta, cuz I couldn’t believe what those 2 look like. Rocket looks like an NFL linebacker. with great cheek bones. man, I can’t wait for this season to start!


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Here I am thinking this was a topic about me. :grin:


When I talk about freaks and look it up in dictionary, there is a picture of RickB. Serious.


I’m amazed that we had all of those at the same time and we haven’t come close to it in more than 15 years. I’m also amazed they ran kickoffs and we don’t see that anymore. Or the results they produced on kickoffs.

McFadden did not want to run back kickoffs. He wanted to block for Felix.

Urban Meyer showed his players video of McFadden’s blocks on kickoffs. He said, “This is what an All-American looks like.”


To quote Phil Palmer as he was coming off at halftime… He’s all man!! And he most certainly was


Judging from the LSU game in Baton Rouge that we won in overtime, when DMac fumbled on the opening kickoff return and I think the next one as well, I understand why he didn’t want to return kickoffs :smile:. Seriously, he shut up the LSU fans around us shouting “overrated” when he had a heck of a game after that. Felix had a nice game too. And Hillis had a long TD run and was awesome catching the ball out of the backfield. And talk about blocking, QB Casey Dick had a great block about 40 yards downfield to help put the finishing touches on a long DMac TD. Can’t remember seeing anything like that before or since. Not just the block, but a QB being 40 yards downfield in the first place.

I was worried about that Casey Dick block or whatever it was. I think it was probably a borderline clip. It was not needed anyway.

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Rockets name gets changed to Tank?

I thought it was needed. Chad Jones was chasing DMac down from behind and was reaching to horsecollar McFadden (still legal then) when Casey made the block. Another half-second and Jones probably yanks him down.

I remember that block, and remember thinking it was necessary. As great of a game as dMac had that day,. I recall his hammy was bothering him a little. Chad Jones could motor, no doubt, but I remember thinking “no way he makes up that ground on Darren that fast of Darren was not nicked.”

Everytime we talk about DMac’s greatness I get ticked off that he spent his best years behind the worst o-line (by FAR) in the NFL.