Watched Preseason Predictions Last Weekend

And I’m a little curious why South Carolina is being picked to win our game. I don’t see it I guess. I expect us to have a better defense, a solid run game & I think our passing game will be just as good as last year, maybe better with more explosive WR’s. I know USC is a tough road venue, but…

I see A&M & USC being winnable games early in the year that could lead to a VERY good start to the season. I’m also not buying the hype on Auburn & we get the revenge game at home this year after they rubbed our noses in it last year. I think we beat both MS schools.

Bama & LSU on the road are going to be tough to win. TCU worries me.

I see 8-4 with USC & A&M as swing games. Maybe 9-3 if we win both of those. I will be disappointed in 7-5.

We are being written off because of last season. They assume we have no talent on the oline and that is why we sucked at protection. They assume our loss at WR is compounded by a lack of talent in reserves. They don’t give AA credit for leading the SEC in passing yards in spite of that Oline they dismiss for talent. They don’t even talk about our RB and TE groups.

The Defense is an understandable area for the experts to write off, but the talent looked worse the last 2 years because they didn’t believe in the DC or scheme. We have added some talent on defense that should help, as well as getting back Kevin Richardson and Dre Greenlaw.

In 2010, Hogs went into Columbia, South Carolina with many expecting Gamecocks to dominate. South Carolina won the Eastern Division that year. Yet, the score was 41-10 Arkansas early in the 4th quarter and the final score was 41-20. We can do the same thing this year if we are healthy and playing four quarters of ball. David Williams could have a homecoming breakout game too.

I have a hard time comparing this year’s team to the one in 2010. That was one of the best ever at Arkansas.

South Carolina played good defense outside of the past two games and has a sophomore quarterback who I think is going to be pretty good. Arkansas has been inconsistent on the road. I think it’s a toss-up game.

LSU has recently lost two of their offensive line starters. One of the replacements is rumored to be a freshman. While they do have probably the best running back in the conference, the quarterback (unless he has significantly improved) is only average. LSU (as always) does have a dominating defense, but if our offense is what we think we have . . . . . .

Well done MJ