Watched most of LSU vrs. A&M

LSU is tougher on the offensive boards that Georgia…and with the Waters kid they are not likely to turn the ball over…Going to be a very tough game…Nolan use to say cut the head off and the body will die…Waters is the head…No sure we have anyone that can hang with him. I would probably double team him and force him to give up the ball and see what that got me. He was knocking down really deep threes tonight. Last count he was at 30 + points.

Cheating Willy Wade definitely getting his money’s worth for his players so far.

I know this thread wasn’t about that, but every time we play LSU, Auburn, Kentucky, and Mississippi State, it just irritates me knowing that these guys are cheating their tails off and nothing is done about. And the national media just ignores it and talks about what good coaches they are.

Y’all seem to be forgetting that we took LSU to OT, held our own on the glass, and would have won if we hadn’t missed 11 free throws. They’re not unbeatable. Gafford tore them up and got their bigs in serious foul trouble. Waters had SEVEN turnovers (unfortunately, Jalen had five of his own). Joe didn’t make a trey and scored 5 points. If he and Jones can shoot decently we have a real chance.

I agree with you swine. The hogs let that game get away! The free throw line cost our hogs. Gafford needs to stay out of foul trouble and on the floor. Between Chaney, Adrio and even Gabe those 3 need to stand strong strong and rebound.
Water’s was hot last night scoring 36 points I think that was his total. Reed was sluggish. Mays couldn’t throw it in the ocean last night. Will Wade’s money ball players got lucky at Missouri and made a huge comeback late. If Joe is feeling better this weekend and Jones can put the ball in the hole we can beat them.

The hogs should have beaten Florida and LSU which would have them 5-2 in the conference standings. Maybe it’s time for them to string a few wins together.

Sills and Simpson can guard him. Sills guarded him a lot the first game and did a pretty good job. When it comes to Waters, we need our best on ball defender and I still believe that is Sills. For that fact, I would like to see Sills start just to stop Waters. Half of Waters game offensively is shooting 3’s and dribble penetration to pass it out to an open shooter. To combat this, we need a guy who can stay with him one on one so the other defenders don’t have to double him up. I’d rather him try to shoot a contested lay up than kick it out to an open shooter.

Plus, we’ve got to stop Reid. He killed us last game. Our bigs will be on him and they have got to get out and contest his shot, unlike they did last game. Taylor played really well, but he also played over his head that game as well.

Agree Sills is best man for the job defending Waters. But on LSU’s home court I worry that whoever is guarding him won’t get any love from the refs. Same goes for Gafford in the paint. Reid has turned into a beast.
We shoot our worst FT’s late in most of the games we played including the GA game. Will need to make those this time around.

Agreed on the officiating. We will get no help from the refs in this game.

I looked back at the box score.

FG’s. 33/64. 51.6 %
FT’s. 18/22.
3’s. 10/25

FG’s. 33/64. 51.5%
FT’s. 17/28
3’s. 3/16

If you really look at where the hogs got beat in that game it was at the 3 point line and free throw line. Stop leaving shooters wide open from 3 and the hogs can beat LSU. It would also help to make the FT’s.

Yea it seems when Isiah isn’t hitting the 3 we just suck overall in that area.

I believe we played one of our best games of the year against LSU. If we could’ve made another FT or two we could’ve won.

There’s a reason their bigs (especially Reid) were open and his name is Waters. It’s not as though we just decided not to cover them. Waters is so difficult to guard he draws lots of help defense. Would you rather give Waters a layup or Reid an open 3? I’m sure we can defend it better than we did, but it’s not as though we weren’t trying. Someone in this thread suggested we double Waters and make him give up the ball… well, he will and it will be to someone who is wide open. These guys are difficult to defend.

LSU’s coach said after the game that they decided to never leave Joe and Jones. He wanted to double Gafford with whoever was guarding the 4. Bailey and Chaney both had pretty good offensive games because they were left open on purpose. Joe didn’t get many shots because he was rarely open. Jones has better ability to drive to the basket so he had a better game. I remember Coach Anderson saying after the game that Isaiah was going to have to be tougher and work harder to get open looks. I believe he has gotten better since that game and if his health is good maybe he’ll get more open looks this game.

No thank you on Sills starting… he’s been a turnover machine on the road. Also, I think Embery-Simpson is the best on ball defender at the guard position. He gets a lot more deflections than Sills and has more steals. It’s really close though it’s a good argument for both.

On a side note, IMO, right now the best defender regardless of position right now is Reggie Chaney, he can literally guard positions 1-5. When he comes in and is the head of the press we look like an entirely different team. His quickness and timing is unmatched right now for his size.

Hopefully Joe is back to full speed, not knowing the nature of illness he had. He needs to be on for this game. Everybody will need to be on their game from the opening tip off. Not sure we can make a come back down there if we get to far behind.

Joe will indeed have to get stronger and tougher. I agree with that. What he does need to do is work on driving to the hole like Jones does.
I don’t like Will Wade and his snub nose lying rear end. He will need to get some more players to buy because Reed will be gone soon as well as Waters.
I don’t think we got very many calls in that first match up nor will we get any this weekend.
Sometimes the reason Joe doesn’t get good open looks is the ball doesn’t go to the high or low post and back out or a dribble drive to throw it back out. It’s the same issue getting Gafford open looks.
We will see if they can get it done.
They need to win 4 out of the next 5.

Until Arkansas can show me we can get to the line and make free throws we lose this one by 12-15

You are correct. If they shot free throws at that clip they would currently be in the top 25 and only have 2 losses.