Watched Jimbo Fisher's PC

Man, that guy can talk. One, maybe two questions in the first 12 minutes. His words per minute must be well above average.

That said, the Texas media isn’t worried about the mighty Hogs. Only questions about the game dealt with his knowledge of Morris and Chavis. Two others were about the site of the game. In his opening statement, Fisher looked down as he was saying something about an “Arkansas team that’s really play well now,” and looked like he could barely keep a straight face. Maybe I read to much into that. He did give the Hogs’ defense credit for holding Auburn to just over 200 yards. Of course, after having played Clemson and Alabama, Arkansas must look like an easy task.

I am sure they are very concerned about playing a rent-a-win team that could not stop or move the ball on the mighty CSU Rams, was totally out classed by the powerhouse from Denton Texas, has a QB who can’t throw and even if he could is not given time by a nonexistant Oline, has very poor special teams and a punter who when he gets his kicks off, will get the ball a whole 30 yds. down the field in a line drive fasion. Yep, after watching film of Clemson and Bama, I am sure the film of Arkansas has him shaking in his boots.

Speaking of a little straight talk!

I think Arkansas should still go to Arlington and play.

I don’t think they will win or likely even cover the spread.

But I am certain that Jimbo Fisher is not taking the game as lightly as you proposed.

Show up not ready to play and it would give Arkansas a shot.

I don’t think we’ll win, either, but you’re right. We could if the Ags ignore us. I doubt Virginia Tech was terribly worried about Old Dominion last week.

If our defense plays well like they did at Auburn…we have a little hope if we just don’t turn the ball over. We need Boyd to break one and Mond to pull a hamstring in warmups, and Jimbo to lose his readers for calling plays. Maroon blows.

This game has been strange every yr seems to always go down to the wire .I am not as high on Jumbo as others are so if we can get a TO or 2 and play to move the chains and keep the ball from them anything can happen.I am not really expecting that to happen but would not surprise me at all.

Maybe Jerry will offer free adult beverages to the Arkansas faithful to ease the pain. :smiley: