Watched highlights of UTSA victory

I don’t know if UTSA is any good, but they went toe to toe with Illinois and looked like the better team in a close game. I assume that Barry Lunney is calling the plays. It looked like a good offense. Very few mistakes. I was pulling for the Road Runners, so enjoyed that victory.


If and when Briles leaves arkansas…I would love to see Barry as our O-coordinator. Not sure he wont have a head gig by then though.

I’m thinking the back up plan is in place w Dowell :sunglasses:


He certainly has the persona to go along with a lot of experience in the NFL. He looks like a natural at recruiting also.

I texted Barry last night.

You can guess he was fired up.


Happy for him and the head coach. They will make a climb up in that league, if they are allowed time. They can both coach and recruit.

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