Watched BYU several times this year. They have a mobile QB --------------

---------------- that seems hard to fluster and they have some quick and fast RBs and WRs that have given us fits this year. They remind me of Cincinatti with a more mobile QB. They are physical and disciplined and will not be an easy match for us. It would be a great time for KJ to surge back and have a good game. We will definitely have to outscore them. Win this one and we could be set up for a strong finish. Go Hogs.

Oh please, KJ, don’t come out unfocused and slow to start. Come out passing and loosen up BYUs defense. I’m afraid a fullback left fullback right, scripted offense against a stacked defense while the other team tears up our defense and scores will kill us—again.

Do we even a Full Back?

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Fred thinks fullbacks still exist. Don’t confuse him.


They’re definitely going to score for sure. they have a very athletic offensive line that will probably be able to run block us well and a QB that can throw the ball extremely well to take advantage of our secondary issues. I’m not impressed with their defense that much if we can take care of the ball I believe we can score 30 and I believe it will take every bit of that.

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Their defense had enormous problems getting off the field against Notre Dame. They also really had problems with a veteran mobile QB (they encountered the “good” Bo Nix) and offensive athletic ability against Oregon.

They want to be physical on both sides of the ball, I think that Odom will probably try some four man fronts this week.

The art of communication is so difficult, but you of all folks know that I mean scripted runs when the defense is stacked against such runs. If I portrayed that with a little throwback term from Houston Nutt, even Frank Broyles, days, then I communicated just fine.

You know I have been going to Hog games a long time and many things have changed and I am sure some that I am not aware of but I do think that at the end of the game the team that scores the most is still considered the winner, so yes we will have to outscore them.

…as in a high scoring game rather than a defensive struggle. Please pardon my failure to explain more fully.

I know what you meant. Put another way, we will have to out offense them because we aren’t likely to out defense them.

Ya I knew what you meant too but every once in a while my inner smartaxx escapes!

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I wouldn’t mind scripting a full back into our red zone offense. I said it before as a joke but with every game it seems less and less funny, we ought to put bumper pool at full back and run it 4 times in a row next time we have a first and goal!

Who was the offensive lineman we put in to score a touchdown during the Nutt years?

No idea, but we used OL Sebastian Tretola to score a TD during the Bielema years.

I think Dan Skipper made a couple appearances in the back field.

I remember, it was Shawn Andrews back in 03 or so…He was huge.


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