watch USC games here

Thank you!

I hope this is correct I was told it was so we’ll wait and see Thursday.

Looks good… … 8-20190318


[/quote]Thanks, just had major foot surgery this morning…will have plenty of time this week to watch the Hogs…(I’d like to see a win, too).

It is the link posted on the USC baseball schedule.

That’s great.looking forward to watching…

Great find…

went to site, nothing

Great win Hogs!!
Thank you for posting that link, I really enjoyed watching that game on my phone. Great to see our man Cronin sit down the last 4 batters.
Go Hogs Go

Thanks for the info!
I tried to watch, but all I could get on my iPhone was a frozen picture. The audio came thru though.
I gave up and listened to the IMG sports broadcast on TuneIn radio.
Good win! Go Hawgs!

It took them 30 minutes (or more) to get the live stream functional.

I got to watch with occasional glitches. Thanks for providing the link. Hope it works tonight.