Watch this…

Very encouraging:


I like that, also believe that.
Sam has “It”.


That’s fabulous, but it’s only about 2 minutes of a 10 minute segment dedicated to Arkansas and it’s ALL worth listening to. I’m going to put the link below - I hope to the start of the part about Arkansas. If it starts at the beginning, drag the cursor to the 30:45 mark and settle in to listen.

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Well, I’ve had “it” since 1963; it’s you other guys ……


“It” is not going anywhere as long as Sam doesn’t go anywhere…so let’s make sure we keep Sam and fam happy Hog nation. He sure has made football fun and fulfilling again. And he does it the right way.


If things go south then he’ll come up with a new narrative.

And you are referring to whom?

The guy on the podcast.

Pate has been VERY high on CSP for months now, very even handed, very complimentary, really seems super knowledgeable about a program a 15 hour drive from him.

Having lived in AA for 7 years, I can assure you that most folks there couldn’t find Arkansas on a map. Which makes this guy’s knowledge and opinion all the more remarkable.


I never get too high or too low what people like him or any national guy has to say. I understand why some do.


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