Watch Steve Forbes

The guy flat out knows basketball. He will be back in the dance this year. Best case for hogs is Mike turns it around. That’s what we all want. I’m not worried about this year being a wash, but I see nothing in year 8 or 9 to indicate improvement. No matter how much we love him 9 years without a sweet 16 is not acceptable.

Good resume !

I watch him regularly on Fox Business News. Have long respected his views on the financial markets and economy. Didn’t know he dabbled in basketball.

Decent Presidential run.

Doing well in basketball.

He’s on short list

Hmmmm, coached under Billy Clyde at aTm, coached at AUB under Pearl (when Pearl and his staff were caught). Been at his current stop for four year, one NCAA appearance and zero wins.

Mike wasnt connected to any cheating scandals and his first four years at AR he made the NIT and NCAAT and had one win in each. Hmmmm, the last three years, while Forbes has been showing he flat out knows basketball, Mike’s made the dance twice and actually won a game.

Hmmm…seems you’re correct he’d be an immediate upgrade :roll:

I’m glad you said it, I didn’t want to be that guy. People crack me up with these posts.

When CMA coached at a mid-major school, in his first 4 years, he had 3 NCAA appearances with a sweet 16 run in there.

This guy has had 1 NCAA appearance (no wins) and 1 Vegas 16 appearance :lol:

And that’s suppose to be impressive and convincing that the guy flat out knows basketball… yea… ok.

Sorry coached under Pearl at TN, not AUB