watch ESPN 3 question

I’m with ATTuverse – I can watch other games but not the SEC on the laptop.
Gives me a not authorized user error

Any suggestions?

Some of the content on is free; other content requires a successful log-in related to your TV provider.

Try looking at some live content on ESPN, like Sportscenter or whatever. If you can see, that, and you get the SEC Network at home, you ought to be able to stream the SECN on your laptop as well (when logged in). If you can’t watch Sportscenter (or other live programming), then you’re not logged in correctly.

As Wiz said, mine has required me to “log in” to my cable provider.

As an example: Last night I saw that Texas was losing in basketball, and that the game was on ESPN3. Just because I wanted to see them lose, I attempted to watch the game. Apparently, the “Longhorn Network” is something my cable company does have, but I have to pay for separately (big shock I have never tried to watch anything on the Longhorn Network before last night, another big surprise, I am not paying a penny to the Longhorn Network). It wouldn’t let me watch it.

If you have already told it you have Uverse, then I would call Uverse and talk to them about it, because you should be getting a lot of content. (I had Uverse for years until about 18 months ago).

I have DirecTV and was logged in with same but it would not let me watch SEC games until I logged out and then scrolled down to the SEC game I wanted to watch and hovered over the key and a box pops to to verify your access. Clicked that and logged on there and worked fine.

I’m on UVerse too, and I can use my UVerse account to log in at home and at work to watch stuff on ESPN3. Usually instead of the not authorized user error it will give you a prompt to log in.

Because the game is an ESPN3-only production and not through a TV network, you should probably be able to access it with your cable/satellite login. WatchESPN does have a lot of kinks, though, so I’m never surprised if it doesn’t work. The inconsistency of some OTT apps is why I still hold on to cable.

The thing to remember is that you log in with your cable/satellite provider, not with your internet service provider. So I do not login with AT&T U-verse, but rather with DirecTV.

Also, if you are having trouble, try the old reliable: Log out and back in.

Good point. U-verse is my TV provider as well, but I’ve been with them since well before the merger with DirecTV.