Watch Ark vs Rice on TV?

I have DirecTv and SECHD and SECHDa (alternate) are channels I get.
Does anyone know if I will be able to see the Rice game?
I can’t seem to find out from DirecTv.

You’ll need to download the ESPN app on a supported device (your smart TV, Roku, Amazon Fire, etc.). You can also access the game via a computer, tablet or phone via the ESPN app.

Once you have the ESPN app downloaded, you’ll log in with your DirecTV credentials and, because your DirecTV service includes SEC Network, you should be able to watch via the SEC Network-Plus channel within the app.

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Any idea as to the expected attendance for the Rice game?

With the anticipation for this season & those of us ready to watch live sports after last season’s shutdown, would assume a respectable crowd. Depending on the weather, plan to drive up that weekend & purchase tickets a the last minute. Wish there were more night games early in the season so cooler temperatures.

I have inquired, but have not heard anything about ticket sales for the game. If I was guessing, I’d say there will be an actual attendance in the 40,000s or 50,000s, but maybe a higher announced attendance due to ticket sales.

The time and the opponent are not ideal, and I assume the threat of the virus will keep some people away.

One thing to remember is that they gave all early season renewals the option to receive 2 free tickets to the Rice game. I don’t know how many that will include, and I forgot when the deadline for that was, but it could add another 5K to attendance assuming they get used.

Aug 23rd. Monday

The deadline for early ordering season tickets is next Monday? No. I think it was in March some time, but I’m not going to look it up, lol.

Does Arkansas have any say in deciding on night vs day games? Understand that tv/cable dictates a lot of that, but early games are on alternative SEC/ESPN channels.

If the games are not on SEC prime time, would it make better sense to schedule night games that are non-conference early in the season when it is exceptionally hot in RRS? Night games as RRS are survivable & more comfortable for fans & students. Near sellout games would also attract the recruits.

He was referring to the deadline to accept the 2 free tickets to the Rice game. The Ticket Office recently sent an e-mail requesting a response if you wanted the 2 free tickets. That’s the Aug 23rd deadline.

I knew about the email, I was referencing the early deadline that entitled you to those tickets, lol.

From the ticket office email:

As a token of appreciation for our season ticket holders, you are eligible to claim two (2) complimentary ticketsfor the 2021 Razorback Football season opener against Rice!

Whether it’s giving them to a neighbor or a co-worker, we’d love to have two additional Hog fans in the house as we kick off the season.

Please claim your tickets by Monday, Aug. 23. Your tickets will be added to your online account the week of the game.

You must be a season ticket holder to be entitled to the extra tickets.

I don’t think the university has any say anymore on what time the football games start. Since they are all televised on one channel or another (or via streaming, like the Rice game), TV dictates the start times. And I don’t think the TV executives put much consideration into how hot it may be for the fans. They’re just trying to fill TV schedule windows.

Part of the new ESPN/SEC agreement was that the schools got to pick their start time for the ESPN-Plus game. Arkansas chose the 1 p.m. kickoff time.

Goodness, I know that, and you had to renew them by a certain date. I was telling Matt that there would/could be additional attendance once we factored in the free tickets from the early renewal offers.

Also, why did my posts from my phone show up under my old name, minus the 1?

Are you sure we chose that time, and did you ask them why in the world we wanted to play at 1pm, instead of 7pm?

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That’s good to know. I assume that’s the only game we’re allowed to choose the start time?

It is curious that we chose 1 p.m. for the kickoff during a time of year when it’s usually pretty hot.

Who at Arkansas would pick a 1 PM start rather than an evening game? It will be 100+ degrees at RRS.

I would bet a near sellout if evening start time with all of the fan anticipation & since to the following ut game will be a sellout.

Yes, I’m sure. I wasn’t given a reason other than that it was the UA’s choice to play at that time.

Ok, thanks. I’ll pull the bandaid off Hunter’s nose tomorrow for that!