Wasn't the AD meeting with the players yesterday?

Or is it today? If yesterday, anything coming out of that meeting in the way of tweets, etc.?

Today. 4 pm.

Need a decision & announcement soon to reassure the players. We already lost offensive lineman Silas Robinson this AM so hopefully no more entering the portal.

Thanks Richard!

Putting 2 and 2 together could this be what is happening?:

  1. HY tweets the plane flying this morning;
  2. NCAA teams playing Saturday do not practice on Mondays;
  3. Could the plane in his tweet be going to Boca Raton, FL:
  4. Could Kiffin be introduced to the players at 4:00 today?

:joy: :crossed_fingers:

Well, that will be an interesting meeting. Hunter Yurachek will have to be a diplomat, for sure. He couldn’t tell those players who he hired. It would be all over the street in 5 minutes. I would look for Trey Biddy or maybe Mike Irwin to be hiding in a locker…looking for a scoop.

Don’t you think he will just tell them to hold on tight…he has a coach, but can’t reveal who he might be? I don’t envy Hunter today. He will have to walk a fine line.

Won’t rule anything out but I still think you’re looking at mid-week at the earliest for a coach to be announced.

Whatever HY tells the players is going to leak quickly. And HY knows it. So either he has something definitive, or he tells them next to nothing (search is continuing, we’ll get the best available, etc).

I lean toward the plane tweet being HY playing games with the fan base, but we’ll see. My third-hand sources still don’t think it’s the Lane Plane in that tweet.

He’ll do everything but mention names.

The fact that he’s meeting with the team himself says a lot about the man, even if it’s just to offer reassurance. I trust he knows exactly what to say how to say it whether he has them a coach right now or not. He is in a tough position right now trying to keep the ship afloat. I bet the man hasn’t had a good nights rest since the Mizzu game or long before.

Just so everyone knows, this meeting was planned last week. Not sure exactly when I posted about it. Might of been Wednesday.

Yes you did Richard, I think HY planned it that way to keep some unity within.

I don’t think Mike Irwin could hide in a locker

Yes I’m sure it was. I also would bet that HY began his coaching hunt in earnest immediately after the Western KY game. That week-end or beginning early the following week he probably contacted the agents of his top 2 or 3 candidates. Depending on how those went, he may have felt near certain that he would have an oral agreement done shortly thereafter. Perhaps he felt comfortable (or knew) that the deal would be done well before a Monday afternoon meeting with the players?

Yes, my head’s spinning trying to come up with logical reasons that the new coach deal is now done. :grinning:

Additional opening yesterday and today, makes this a likely outcome. Those names are likely getting more contacts via their agents to sort through as well. Lot of things change quickly in this type of environment.

Evidently it’s just an academic meeting. Several parents thought Hunter was giving an update on the coaching search.

It was an academic meeting and still is one.

It’s all academic at this point!