Wasn't pretty

But it was a win. Congrats hogs. Player of game for me was cook. Look at the film and he played smart and hard. He did so many little things no one pays attention to. And manny, the new pistol Pete. Cook and beard didn’t play so well. Manny keeps shooting like that play him instead of beard. I know I’ve been a manny critic but kid stepped up tonight. Keep shooting manny. Way to go

Comment: I agree if he can build on tonight’s shooting performance on the road he could become the leader this team needs

I meant Thomas and beard. Cook is coming on. Plays smart also. Really like his improvement. Now we need barford to find his role in the offense. Kid is too good to disappear like he does. And he looks like he could be in a little better shape. Announcer a few games ago commented on how fatigued he looked. Cj can help if given playing time. And bailey can spell cook.

I will take it. Ugly, but it is a road win. Good job Hogs. Way to gut it out.

A good win that helps keep the wolves a little distant…

The NCAA committee doesn’t give style points. Sometimes you just have to grind one out on the road*, and that’s what tonight was. Defense and rebounding.

  • Or at home. As Nolan used to say (and Mike still says), a raggedy ride is better than a smooth walk. Tonight was a raggedy ride.

I just wish Thomas could start finishing his offensive opportunities. He just seems to have no touch, but he posts up better than Moses. I think if he can get some shots to fall and get the feel of being a scorer, it would be huge to deflect attention from Moses. The rest of his game is great, a long armed rebounder and good deflecting defensive player.

I doubt Thomas is ever a scorer. He plays weak right now. He will have to get stronger physically and mentally.

Cook appears to be poised to take some of his minutes. Maybe that will light a fire under Thomas.

Great win!!! It was ugly, but I will take an ugly win over a pretty loss any day. Defense and rebounding won this game. Cook played very well. Manny shot the ball very well and was the MVP tonight.

Hopefully, we will see this team bring that defense and rebounding the rest of the year!! Go Hogs Go!!!

Agreed, Cook is ready for the run the rest of this season and Thompson is too at times! Barford needs to be told to drive more, for he is the type player that is used to being the man in JC and I think it affects his game when dont attack! He had like 10 points in Kentucky game in a couple minutes 1st half to bring us back in it by 2 before the half and another spurt like that against Miss ST when nobody could do nothing right! He needs to attack the rest of the year it brings on the rest of the team when he does! I believe CJ should be inserted for at least 8 minutes every game and more if he is playing good all round! This kid is going to be that 20 to 30 point shooter I have no doubt!