Washington vs CS Fullerton.

It really shouldn’t matter but in a perfect world I sure hope Washington moves to the CWS. I wouldn’t want to face CS Fullerton in Omaha.

they don’t scare me to be Honest.Oregon St is the team I would’t want to play 3 1st rounders in the top of the lineup.they are mashing the ball.

From a history standpoint I’d rather take on Oregon State. The question really is whether or not Oregon State is that good or they matched up against a Minnesota team that just isn’t very good! I think the hogs can beat either team but I just don’t want CS Fullerton.

Minnesota pretty good ballclub only team the nation did not lose a series in the conference. Oregon State lineup is very hard to pitch to because they don’t strike out have a lot of speed and mixed in with a few power guy. We would have to play very well to beat them.

For what it’s worth, LSU’s coach said he thinks Oregon State is the favorite. Of course, OSU had just taken his team to the woodshed, but he said he sees no holes in that team. But even though LSU may think the world revolves around them, I believe the NCAA still plans to play the games in Omaha before giving out the trophy.

we hit like we can and we can beat anybody!

I could careless what LSU and their coach coach think about whose the favorite! He showed how stupid he is by the way he killed his pitching in Hoover! His opinion on anything is meaningless. He can get his popcorn ready to watch the rest of the season with his buddy from Ole Miss.